Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Straight guys' enemy ..Sad?

It was tiring day yet happy day, went to gym and saw a new hot guy =) After normal rountine then headed to locker room, and saw a new hot guy going to change his clothes. His bottle caught my attention because with the word Manhunt Malaysia, I think he was contestant before sicne he got the qualifications. I was waiting for him to take off his clothes and see whether I was right or not. A bit disappointed, because he seems like lack of work out for some times, a bit chubby tummy but luckily still could see the visible 6 pack abs O.O . Not sure what is his race, looks like mixed...whatever as long as he is

After that, I went to MV to meet my besties, as usual both of them are female. We just kept talking non-stop and laugh out loud at the restaurant, not willing to leave. Kept asking for refill our drinks, I think the waitress also a bit unpleased, but also didn't have many customers and quite empty so we didn't bother. Straight to the topic, I always find that my besties' boyfriends don't really like me because I hang out a lot with them alone..I mean just 2 persons go out, so sometimes people thought we are couple.

Got one time, one of my besties had fight with boyfriend until she cried becasue she was hang out with me for the whole day. They were fighting over the phone and I was right beside her. Super awkward when she cried and I couldn't say anything becasue she on the phone. I just went off for awhile to give space for her. After that, she pretended nothing happened and continue hang out with me until quite late night. I bet her boyfriend really want to kill me -.-"

Another bestie is the way we talk and interact is like couple, that's what other friends told us. Got people even said we look so good as couple. Hence, her boyfriend also doesn't really like her to hang out with me even there is someone else too. We seem quite close when hanging out together and going out quite often. Everytime, she go out will try to avoid mention my name. Plus, her boyfriend is a control freak, like everyday or I shall say every hour..must check where is my friend. Every night before go to sleep must report to him, yet my friend willing to accept and let him control. I guess it's love?

Should I be happy, they so alert about me because I'm good enough to become a threat to them? My besties are so joking, so maybe that's why they so alert. I should come out to my besties so we can hang out anytime we want and like cause my besties would say to them.."He is gay so don't worry dear"...hahaha

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