Sunday, 29 December 2013

2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = New Year

New year is coming!!! Planned your New Year Eve’s party?? Many people wrote their review of 2013, so I also follow the trend xD

On a serious note, 2013 was really  special and amazing year for me. I went through a lot of things within this year. I feel so lucky that most things became what I wanted for. Well, let's talk about something didn’t achieve from new year resolution first. 

  •   I didn’t manage to get the result I wanted for my study =( , but still able to graduate
  •   I also didn’t get six packs that I wanted so much, but body getting in better shape or at least people able to notice I joined gym. =)

Okay now go to good things happened in my life! I graduated and had a nice long holiday. Then, started searching for job and soon got hired from my first company. Sadly, I have to leave the company because there was a better offer from my current company. The current position is more stressful, but I know once I overcome everything, I will have bright future =)

About love life, I feel so grateful and blessed. When I decided to stop go around have fun, and hope to find someone and settle down, then I met J my ex. However, I was a jerk because rushed into relationship just because I wanted. Feel so bad for myself and decided to just take everything slowly, but then Sean appeared in my life. I really didn’t expect so fast I can meet someone who I truly love.  

I can’t say my life is completed, but I’m sure I’m lucky enough for what I having. I will still fight for better future, look forward to my whole new life.

Any wish for the New Year? My bestie asked me before if I could choose to be straight or gay, would I still want to be gay? My answer was gay, because I feel nothing wrong with it and it’s awesome to be gay!! Sometimes I feel so lucky I have boyfriend not girlfriend. Surprisingly, she also agreed and said if she dated herself, she probably would kill herself. xD Statement of that day “Yes! It’s good to have boyfriend, girls are screwed up man!!"  hahahaha Love her so much.

Try your best to smile and welcome New Year!!! =)

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Let it Go! Let it Go! long didn't blog anything due to busy life and aslo tired to just on laptop. The tittle of this post just purely because this song Let it Go stuck in my head since I watched Frozen! I really love this song so much. Raped the reply button don't know how many times xD

Life still good to me, I quite enjoy using public transport, don't know why just think actually our public transport not really that bad. Looking outside jamming like hell, assure me that I made a right choice. Inside the train, you can observe a lot of things. Human really an interesting creature in term of behaviours and attitudes. 

Sometimes, I can hear some interesting stories from them. An old Chinese lady who wearing very old clothes and looks a bit not normal. First impression people will try to avoid her, but two malay ladies talked to her and I overheard their conversation. The old lady's children all very successful in life, but all went oversea and no one take care of her at all. Got a daughter want to take care, but she gave up own country's citizenship. Staying at SG and  very hard to come back. Sacrificed half of her life time for children (6 of them I think) but in the end no one cares about her anymore.

We always tend to neglect the relationships that mean the most to us because we figure they will always be there. By the time, you realized it's just gone, everythign is too late just left remorse. Oh! I also saw a foreign worker gave his seat to needy, compared to own local who suddenly went blind inside the train. Sigh, sometimes they have better manners than us, who so called higher level and educated. 

Sean is more busy than me, and I know I must get use to it, especially his social life. Like my bestie said, I'm already considered good compared to her who only able to meet boyfriend few times every month. As long as we keep texting each other everyday, I feel content ady. I feel really happy to meet him, because I can feel like I'm getting more matured...erm actually that's what my bestie said..LOL

Well, I may not matured enough, but I will try slowly to become a better man and no more naive boy anymore. Also apply on workplace, I can't think everything in simple way, I must work harder and of course earn more money for my or maybe our future =)

Have a nice tea to relax. =)


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Spilt it Out

Fuuuu~ Recently, I was busy with a lot of things and of course included dating xD Last week was a nice week because able to spend time with Sean for few days straight since both of us were flexible for our time.

Nnetheless, during our movie date, there was hilarious scene when I was drinking water, I spilt the water because of laughing =.= It kena Sean's face a bit.never forget his face when I did that. Totally super super embarassing!!!! Luckily no other around me. It's nominated as Top embarassing moments in my life T.T

However, this week we started each other new job, so it's still not stable about our meet up timing. Well, we will work it out. One good thing about this new chapter, both of us moslty able to meet on every morning on week day. Currently, we taking public transport together and go to our workplace. I guess Sean working time will be flexible soon, so no need go early perhaps..jealous xD

New job is quite challenging, because they going to train me as team leader, but my team members are mostly 1 or 2 times older than me -.- my Head said, how long you have been working doesn't equal to working experience. I must try my best to become a...good LEADER!!

Arhh..really feel a bit pressure, but one thing need to improve is my social skills. I really need to get along well with them. Well, it going to take step by step to become a good leader. A lot of things to learn during the process.

2014 is coming!!! Have you guys planned where to go or celebrate New Year Eve?? I'm definitely celebrate it with Sean =)

Found this sexy photo. I don't mind to help him..LOLLL

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Last Day

Today was last day of working at the company. I felt kind of mixed feelings, feel a bit down cause gonna miss the people here because most of them are friendly while happy for my new chapter of life. Manager still a bit angry or feel betrayed, but I know why from other colleague because he thinks I'm a quite good employee and expect me to help him longer.

I still feel a bit anxious when going to a whole new environment. However, I know I can adapt it well and I have to!! I decided to take public transport go work, but listened many experiences from others, make me a bit worry. Please be nice to me KTM, LRT, Monorail!!! I don't wish you reach on time, but at least don't too late. *Finger crossed*

Sean also changing his job, and surprisingly our locations are quite close to each other. I seriously didn't plan or expect that, but still don't think got time to meet. This due to we have to go gym or classes, and ours are different gym. Well, still can meet for lunch time I guess, see how first xD

My dear mom went oversea for vacation and quite plenty of housework need to do. I really want to salute those working mothers, who can take care home and working at the same time!!!! It's so freaking hard and tiring!!! Mummy spoiled my dad and bro as they don't know how to do anything =.= Faster come back, I miss your cooking and of course you...LOL xD

Find time to read book too

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The End & A New Chapter

Although the time we spent together not really long, I feel really happy to meet you in my life. In this short period, I able to learn plenty of things from you. I really didn't expect it will end so fast, as we know life full of unpredictable things.

I feel so sorry to give you up and chose what I consider a better choice. I promise I gonna miss you and never forget about you - my dear first job.

Yes! I'm going to leave my job. My manager was not really happy about it when I threw this big bomb to him during year end when everyone is busy. Why I chose to? I also didn't expect a better opportunity came to me. It's really an good offer in term of better future and growth in my career path.

I have no choice, but leaving my current job which I worked almost 2 months only. It's a hard decision to make, but I need think about my future. I already known that I wouldn't stay long for this current because it's less challenging and space for growth. I just didn't know it will be so fast.

Opportunity came and I don't want to miss it, so I deicded grab and hold it. I hope my manager can understand it. Thinking of it, my many firstS also couldn't last long. First part time job...first relationship...first job..first fun *cough cough* 

Well, I'm going to start another new chapter of my life and hope everything will be fine and I'm sure no matter what I won't regret my decision.

Have a beer and chill first

Monday, 18 November 2013

Life is Life

It's my 200th post now!!!! I shall write something meaningful...LOL

Let's talk about my working life, I learnt a lot from it. I like to observe and intrepret about the environment of my company or I name it "mini society". By just working at a company, I already can see many kinds of people and be more caution interpersonal relationship.

I guess no one can escape from office politics no matter how small or big your company is. First thing I learnt, "It's impossible to make everyone likes you, but never make them be your enemy." However, sometimes it's not all cruel to me, like got one old lady seems doesn't like me cause I kept doing mistakes and clumsy. I smile to her, she never smile back just cold face.

Well, I tried to do my best did everything nicely and always keep smiling to her. One day, she sharing her extra food to people and also came to my desk asked me with a nice smile. That moment really felt nice because from an annoying, cold til smiley face means some people still appreciate your effort to be nice. It's not all cases that if a person doesn't you, no matter what you did, he/she also still the same.

Love life? It's still wonderful. Soon, Sean and I already been together for half year. We actually set a timeline like see we can last until that time. Now almost reaching our goal (half year), then we set to 8 months and try to achieve it. =)

It's hard to be optimistic all the time, but I try my best to be most of the time. Life really full of unpredictable things, I really need to appreaciate what I having and people around me. Took too many things as granted, need to redefine everything again.

Sometimes walking in a park, slowly feel all my sensation, I'm so glad and grateful that I can see I can speak I can hear I can walk, all these things seems absolute to us, but precious things that others hoping for. I cannot say my life is perfect, but I can say my life is happy. It all depends how you see the world.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Fetishes: Chest? Thigh??

Actually they are not new fetishes, juts that I didn't realize them before Sean pointed out my fetishes to me ;p Not sure they still considered fetishes or not. I really like guy's with big chest and thigh.

I posted before about how big size you can accept , and now I am in little conflict, where I think a guy overall is too big for me, but I still find his chest so sexy and turn me on...xD

Thigh also the same to me, where a guy have nice muscular or big thigh turn me on too. It sounds weird but I wish to hug a guy's thigh like bolster when on bed..LOLL Luckily, Sean's thighs quite big for me, and I tried to do it but he was a bit speechless..hahahaahha.

Cut it short, long time didn't share hot guys photo. Let's see whether you are same as me ; )


Perfect ; )

Ignore the veins, his chest I'm okay xD

Yup! Literally man boobs but I quite like it xD Thigh also big!!!


Not really big but like xD

Sexy ; )

With the hairy leg ++++++ xD

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mr. Right & Family

It's so nice to share with a close friend about your relationship. I'm not sure whether others also feel this way, but I feel I appreciate my relationship more after long talk with my friend.

From complaining about bf to slowly realized how many little sweet things in our relationship. No one is perfect so does relationship, we can't expect what you have fantazied from another party. In the end, it's just your fantasy or dream, you need to think about reality.

We always tend to see our Mr. right as Mr. perfect gradually. He is the right guy doesn't mean everything has to match with your expectation perfectly. Each party has to sacrifice something or compromise for better relationship quality. Every individual is unique in term of many aspects, even you both are meant for each other, there is no way you guys can match nicely at the beginning.

It takes time for both parties find ways to sustain the relationship and match each other better. This also make me think about my family. Many people take relationship or bonding with family as granted, becasue no matter what you can't change the connection and relationship of family.

However, family still ordinary person, they also need our times to spend together strengthen the bonding. If family relationship has be neglected, it will also like other relationships, there is a distance between you all. To me, bf and friends are not always stay or be there, but family definitely are. I only realized how long I haven't had a date with my mum, which I used to do.

To him and my family.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Felt quite Sad

Had a very nice holiday with some awesome people, especially with Sean. I guess our relationship is getting stronger bit by bit, hope not just one side thingy...LOL xD

This moring I read a friend's fb status and it made me felt quite sad and down. She said there is no way she going to support same sex marriage and marriage is for one male and female. Reading her replies to friends also made me felt sad and a bit a angry.

Of course I have a lot of diagreement about her point of view. I know I shouldn't easily let others to control my emotions and we can't take everyone opinion so seriously. However, I just couldn't stop myself to think about it.

She can say quite close to me, or maybe used to. I just want to say marriage is not all about reproduction or produce new generation. We are considered higher level organism in Earth because we can think and feel in higher level than others.

I know dad and mum cannot be replaced, but so do love. You cannot replace the feeling of love an invidividual towards another regardless of sex. As many people said Love is complicated and no one can really decide it's right or wrong.

I know I should respect your personal view, but please use your words wisely. It's kind of shallow to use those kind of words to strengthen your stand. Thank you *Relief* Luckily can write everything at here. I love you my dear blog~

Monday, 28 October 2013


Wasn't it beautiful
Countless stars in the night sky
Used to represent how much
You love me

The warmness of the Sun
Used to irreplaceable from
The lovely hug
You always give me

Day after day
Don't know why
I always waiting for
Your...your unreachable love

When the night fell on me
I couldn't stop myself
Thinking of you
And waitng again

Waiting your hug
Waiting your kiss
Waiting your love
But all I got
Was a goodbye kiss
One friend let me truly realized we always advice people to let it go or move on if it doesn't work out. However, when we are in the situation, it's really a different thing. When a friend having a hard time, just be there and listen. No need to tell or advice what to do and shoudn't do.  

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gym's manner and attitude

Some people really don't have good manners and attitude at my gym. I know you are good looking and hot, but doesn't mean you can do whatever you like.

After using the machine or equipment, take out the weight plates and put back!! You can carry so heavy weight, but others can't or you want to show off?? Some even worse, sitting on the machine but long chat with friend. Hello? Want to chit chat or gossip go stand at the side, people are waiting for it. Somemore it's peak hour when every place is occupied.

When the gym is so crowded, I really can notice how are people's manners. Of course there are some with very good manners, which make me blush becasue they are hot too~ LOLLLLL Eh!! They are hot and also have good manners of course +++ points to them xD 

By the way, my working life so far quite okay, better than stay at home do nothing. I'm earning money now so many things have to pay by myself like gym fee. No more "Dad! I need money." Must have a proper plan on expenses and saving money. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Oh my dear blog, I'm so sorry for neglected you quite long. After became a working adult, my life is kind of busy and hardly got time to blog. During week days, I usually spend my day from early in the moring until night. Weekend normally spend with family and Sean. Friends? You know I once in a while I will meet them xD

One thing I really don't like about my new life is Traffic JAM!!!!!! Going to work is okay, just the way I going to gym is so FREAKING JAM!! My company is quite near my gym yet I use 30 mins to reach there if raining day even worse one hour T.T  Well, maybe I shall cycle to my gym better and environmentally friendly too. xD

Recently, I only realized I have sexy tan line..erm actually not sexy...hahaha. This is due to go swimming with Sean quite frequently, plus the time we normally go the Sun is almost in hyper mood. I really need to swim more, so my shoulder can become broader. lol

There is an exciting event coming soon, I'm really can't wait it!!! Crossing each day on calendar like a happy child full of anticipation xD

Come come guys time~ ; )

Sunday, 13 October 2013

My Friend My Way Prt. 2

Browsing my social media sites, I really don't have so many friends. However, people normally would say less friends is okay as long as you have few close friends. Also shared about it before about my style > friend

Then, some say once you started a relationship, you might loss two close friends. Not sure it's true or not, but to me still the same. This is due to my attitude and personality not because of friend and lover balancing. Before I met Sean, I spend my time at home, gym and Uni, even though I have free time still prefer stay at home and living in my own world. That's me - a rather loner in social world. 

Some people cannot stand to eat alone at restaurant or any place. To me I totally don't mind to eat, walk, study, sit alone at any occasions. Then, I really don't need friend at all?? Of course not, sometimes I also need friend to share my life and problem. One or two are enough for me.

Few days ago, my bestie suddenly called me at night and need someone there beside her. Typical lazy and homebody me normally will reject, but I know she really needs me. Hence, I straight away get ready and went to meet her.

I felt touched because she knows me so well, so chose a place near my house but quite far for her. She was the one felt sad and depressed yet still thought about me. We hadn't met for few months, but she totally understand my style for friends even close friends. 

When we met like usual chatting non-stop and never separated before. I tried my best to make her laugh and console her about her issues. Luckily it all worked =D  She is the type very sociable and can't believe we can became so close. She can call anyone anytime she wants, yet I am the one came to her mind, who always reject her invitation and rarely message her personally.  

She said she knows I am like that but if she needs someone I am sure willing to be her company. Awww...almost cried when I heard that T.T It's so nice to chat with her since she knows all my things including Sean and I. I said I will become more "invitable" for outing and message more. She just said no need and I totally after a while still be the same..LOL She really the worm in my stomach. xD

I asked her should I change my attitude and style about maintaining friendship? She said just try to be more active, but if really all friends left me, she will never leave me alone. Okay this time my tears really running around my eyes, but controlled since we were at mamak..LOL

She also pointed out my weird logic, once I am closer to a person, I tend reduce the contact instead of increase it. I also didn't realize and still don't know why. xD Currently, I put lover, family then only friend first. I know it's bad, but just at the moment is like that only. I really hope able find more close friend like her. Love you~

Friday, 11 October 2013

New Chapter of My Life

Finally, I'm a working adult now!! After almost 5 months, I'm no more under unemployed list. As usual the beginning of the job is SO boring!!!
My coming was last min notice, so I still don't have my PC. As you know, now everything is computerized, if you don't have PC, you can't do anything! Only some paperwork. I was so bored at work, many times just staring at the ceiling or observe my colleagues.
Since I started working, I still try find some time to meet Sean. Luckily, our workplace quite near to each other, so able to meet once or twice. I know once his working location is changed, it's ver hard for us to meet. Hence, treasure all the times I can spend with him. 
For my gym, try fully use my weekend to work out, and my working time can't stop me go gym!!! I trapped in jam for an hour also won't skip gym day! Surprisingly, I feel so tired at work, but once I step in gym I feel energetic ;) One of the reasons is there so many hot guys after office hours!!!! XD
Plus, althoguh I'm really tired, after gymming makes me very fast fall asleep and sleep well :) I can understand why some people lazy go gym after work, but not for me! Must work harder!! Sometimes seeing some people used same period of time as me, but already had nice body, kind of make me feel depressed. However, I should take it as motivation!!!! Catch up!!
Work and Work out!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

My Body My Way Prt 2

It's weekend!!! Hope everyone will enjoy this weekend, like have a nice rest or outing. Today brought Sean went to my gym taught me how to do my arm and leg workout properly. My arms are bigger than him, but his shape is nicer =( His legs...big and sexy ; )

Sean is a lovely yet strict trainer xD I totally can foresee my arms and legs gonna be so aching on tomorrow -.-" Well, no pain no gain!! I must work harder!!! Gained 10kg muscles still look so THIN!!! =( You can imagine how skinny I was. Of course I'm not gain until so buff, looks lean and yummy is enough ; )

On the bright side, at least my paper flat chest became A cup now..LOL I stop having mass gainer quite long ago because my body really...sensitive? overreact? just can't take it. Hence, my journey to gain muscles is harder, have to eat a lot yet take care what I consume.

I know many people form my gym looking at me might think my progress is so slow, but I just want to gain weight by my own way, which makes me enjoy working out. As long as it works and healthy. People's guidelines are very useful, but finding your own that feel comfortable is important too.

Monday, 30 September 2013

MUST Watch Videos!!!!

Came across this promo video of Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013, I was O.O OMG all of them so hot!!! They really caught my full attention!! Metled~

Just in case some of you don't know. Cosmo Bachelor Bash was held by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Every September for the past 10 years, it's an event or show to celebrate boys, guys, hunks, hung hunks, men, and bachelors at a little something known as the Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

Something like Hottest Hunk in Malaysia, but it's a way BETTER than ours!!! This is because those who join are mostly celebrities and models. This year got 69 Bachelors and in the end will pick the Top 10 Centerfolds.

The theme for this year was campus fantasies ; ) I always love Pinoy guys!!! <3

Don't get too excited okay? ; )

If a Unicersity got so many guys like below, I defintely be the first to registry!!! xD

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hot hot?

Lazy to write anything, so just post some sexy photos from my phone ; )


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Me - My Masks Prt 1

I think I have been too long didn't really talk about myself, mostly just interesting topics to share and discuss. My blog already asked how's your life??

Went through many job interviews really make me asking myself, "What I really want??" Until now I still don't have the clear picture of it or I slowly forget the dream I used to have?? This may due to I wearing too many masks to hide my true self?

Looking back my first post, the reason I named this blog The Guy With Masks, because I believe everyone need to wear different type of masks when facing to various kind of people. For me as gay sure got extra mask than many people don't need - Straight guy mask.

I'm very happy that I no need to wear that mask so often now. I can show who I am in front of plenty of people now. Friends who accept who I am. I'm sure someone will say just be myself at first place, no need to wear so many masks, why care so much??

Well, I don't believe you never tried before. There are many moment that you saying one thing, but your mind is thinking another way in front of friend or someone else. You don't show what you really think. Sometimes wearing masks also not bad, it can avoid conflict and unnecessary argument.

Sometimes also wearing a mask in front of certain persons that I already they are not sincere friends, just purely using me, but still have to maintain the relationship as we may need each other for something in the future. More friends better than more enemies. As long as keep distance with them should be fine.

Some may ask do I still wearing masks in front of my love, Sean? Well, I can say I put down all my masks, but still wearing one mask, a semi-transparent mask. ; ) If showing all my sides at once, nothing to surprise him in the future, which means can't re-spark our chemistry xD...LOLLL

To be continued.....

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sweet Couples & Marriage

Sometimes I really wonder the statement about "It's very hard to have long lasting gay relationship." Many of us say nowaday have a relationship last more than 2 years already considered hard. Some even lost hope about it, because some being together alomost 10 years still broke up.

However, I have my own explanation for that statement, even many people may not agree. I think it's because older generation passed to this mind set about gay relationship in PLU world. During that time, gay is still a taboo and many people still can't accept it. It sort of affected what we want and think. 

You may say relationship just invovles two persons, no need to care about othersbut environment does play an important role in GAY relationship. Imagine people around accept who you are, especially friends and family give their blessing for your relationship.

It's kind of make you think twice when you want to cheat or break up with boyfriend. You might willing to put more effort to sustain this blessed relationship. Now we can see many gay couples decided walk to altar.

I know there are still couples broke up even they got married, but I believe now the condition became better as in 10 gay couples 6 couples able to be together for many years, compared to what we normally think only 2 couples can last.

Many younger generation now really believe in long gay relationship and even marriage. I saw news about an Asian young couple (age 19 & 18) decided to get married (tradition ceremony). One side of parents support them and gave their blessing to their marriage. Maybe it seems like they are too young and so fast to make this decision, but who knows they really can last.

Let's hope what I discussed not just dream or my naiveness, and of course they are other obstables for gay relationship like many temptations lead to cheat, but I believe trust your partner like everyday is last day very important. Don't keep thinking there may be the risk of getting hurt.

My blessing for their marriage =)

The photos speak thousand words, especially the last hug!!! Almost cry T.T

The couple above! Hot couple!!! Hope they don't mind I share it

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How Big You Want? ; )

Walking on the stree and I saw this...."terrifying" guy? Not sure how to describe my feelings toward him. He is SUPER muscular and huge. Well, hot body can turn me on, but not huge body.

I think I have discussed this kind of topic before, but now just want to know one thing. How big size you can accept your partner to be? If he is nice built, but insist to increase more size, and you can't stop him? Dump him? LOL a way it's nice to lay on a big size, but not the other way, my bones sure all break..hahaha. I just want to increase until a certain weight then I will stop. Not going to really train until like those hot model nice body, because I know I will lazy to maintain.

Luckily, Sean not that kind of person never satisfy how big his body is, but he always say he is fat. Well, he just need to reduce fat and increase muscles, then it's perfect ; ) He does a lot of cardio exercises. His past photo...*ehem ehem*  super cute la xD LOLLL

To me this Nice!! ; )

Still can accept =)
Slightly big to me
Approaching scary level
Erm....I admire his spirit to train until like this if no drug involved

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Changed? You Sure?

A lot of things happened in this few months, but moslty spent my time at home, gym and with Sean. Still jobless T^T, went for few interviews also failed. Guess I need to take some short course to make my resume looks better??

Back to topic, have you been a moment that realize someone you know has changed and not the one you know anymore. However, do you think it's really true all the time? A random fact (don't true or not la) I said before, high percentage of people think their friend has changed, but they just hadn't known who he/she actually is.

Take the recent hot topic, Miley Cyrus. Many people are saying what happened to her? Where is my Hannah Montana?? Give me back the past Miley...blah blah blah. Nonetheless, maybe that's who she really is and wanted to be. The image that being portrayed from the past, was not the true side of her.

I'm not judging nor supporting any of her act, what I want to say is Sometimes it's not the person changed, it's because he/she didn't show or you didn't notice the true side of him/her.  As plu I can understand, sometimes when I started to be myself, some people around would say "What happened to you?" "You changed!" Well, to me I just being myself and no more pretending what society wanted me to be. You only can accept or avoid the true side of that person, but you can't change him/her from what you prefer. 

"路遥知马力,日久见人心. As distance tests a horse's strength, so time reveals a person's heart."

So fair!!! loll

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Guy & Face

Some people like to ask if can only choose nice face or body of your partner, what would you choose? Most answers I got are "Of course Face!!!" Reason? Face is forever there while nice body quite hard to maintain, even though in old age face still able to keep in quite good condition, but body....can just....hard lo.

To us, body also important if you don't have the face, but with nice body, it makes you become a hot guy. However, imagine you trained until very buff and muscular, do you think still look good when you at old age?? I mean you still got that body, but the face is already....not old just don't match. (For me la) Therefore, I just target myself to be just nice, not so slim yet not buff.

Hence, you might ask "so it's about superficial thing again? Must find good looking or nice body?" Well, I prefer you just find someone you LOVE and feel comfortable with. Trust me, no matter how good looking and super hot body your partner is, you still will get used or bored. How is the person (personality, attitude..etc) is the most important~ xD

Just like I think Sean is the hottest guy like sincerely think he is. (Love is blind...opps No no...He is considered hot! xD)  Many people think that la. I stalked his social media..... ; )

This time no hot bodies, all just faces which I think are quite Nice la.......

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Funny Moment with God

Found this article about jokes about gay and homophobic with God. Qutie funny to read them xD

P.S. All just jokes!! Like or don't, just read and forget it, don't take it seriously.

Gay: My dear lord, I'm gay because I chose to?
God: You are gay or not, is a choice.
Homophobic: See!! God said it's a choice!! You all are not born like this!!
God: *Calmly* It's really a choice, but it's my choice.
Homophobic: .........

Homophobic: Be careful!! Don't let boy and boy be too close, if discover got sign of being gay must correct it, this can prevend homosexuality.
Gay: Homosexuality is born to be!!
God: Silence!! I'm taking down note! Homophobic please continue, this batch of human hopeless already, after you all extinct, I will be more careful when creating Adam.
Homophobic/Gay: ........

Homophobic: Gay is disgusting. When I watch two men kissing and having sex make me feel uncomfortable.
Gay: You watch whose video?
Homophobic: Koh Masaki.
God: May I have one copy??
Gay: I thought you took him to your side?! ...

Homophobic: AIDS is punishment for gay, they spread this disease, I suggest God put those have high possibilities to spread the disease to hell.
God: Okay!
Gay: Huh? Where is he???
God: Straight people and drug addict are the main source to spread the disease, who ask gays learned to wear condom.

Homophobic: Gays like to have anal sex, but anus is not created for sex, it against the law of nature!!
Gay: ....
God: does your right/left hand.
Homophobic: ......

Also found a nice video. Please take your time to watch it =)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Your Choice Your Love

Went out whole day with Sean, it's really one of the best days in my life. Thank you for him willing to spend so much time with me. My feeling for him is getting stronger and stronger. Love you~

Recently I got to know two lovely couples and listening their stories made me think a lot. One is Straight couple together for 30 years, and one is Gay couple together for 20 years. Both couples also from Taiwan. Of course their stories and advice only for references not guidlines, because every couple has different way to sustain the relationship.

Gay couple is Kevin Tsai (蔡康永 - writer & TV host) and his partner, you can google to know more about him. He is one of the celebrities that I love so much. He is not good looking, but his talent his attitude and thinking of life are very impressive. At Asian country, it's quite hard a gay couple being accepted and make people jealous of their long lasting relationship. They made it.

The common thing they shared about secret of long lasting relationship, is think about why you chose that person at the first place. We can change partner easily, but we have to pay out many things at the same time. Maybe we feel the "freshness" of new partner, but put ourselves as outsider, is it really what you want??  Chose who you love, and love who you chose.

At the beginning, don't put all hopes on the partner, the good qualities of that person are not forever there, we need to sustain it together, and deal with the changesSome people say it's not good to try change your partner, but is it really true? " 80% of people think a person has changed, but they just didn't know what he/she actually was. "

Imagine you have been with your partner for 20 years, do you think some changes of that person still not good? Some changes is alright, bad or good still let you know what's the best for each other, just don't keep demanding for changes and yourself also not willing to change.

"[Enjoy] is more precious than [Own]. We [enjoy] air, but can't [own] air, we [enjoy] the sunlight, but can't [own] the Sun. Similarly, we [enjoy] friendship and family, but no way and also can't think to [own] friend and family. We also [enjoy] Love, but we can't try to [own] the lover. Just enjoy it, [Enjoy] really more precious than [Own]."

"You want to own your lover? However, you can own what from him? His sickness? His scars? You can own his memories? None of them you can, so you still want to own what? Just loving each other is enough."

"You feel so alive and happy when truly loving a person, this is the best gift you can get from love. Hence, how much love he can give back to you doesn't really that important anymore." 

I guess we all hope there is the one we can holding hand together till end. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

O.M.G.! Hottest Hunks and Shock

The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 2013/14 has finalisted to 30 contestants. As usual, I went to check the look of all hunks ; )

What I didn't expect...there are more than 2 out of 30 contestants are from MY GYM!!!! I was a bit shocked when browsing through the photos. Most importantly, my EX-CRUSH ALSO on it!!! Just in case you don't know, something happened between me and him >> Kill Me!!

Well, being at the same gym for so many months, of course I know they definitely qualified to join this competition. They really got gorgeous bodies that can die for. My ex-crush got the face too.

No wonder that they worked so freaking hard recently, especially their abs. Always pull up their clothes in front of mirror after abs exercise, checking their 6 packs!!! I also want T.T

However, their photos taken so badly, in real person they all look better, especially ex-crush. Almost can't recognize him..bad photograhper. I also didn't expect he is Younger than me!! I always think he is slightly older. =.="

*Clear throat* Confession: Since I know his name, so you know can try to find him out of curiousity..LOL Then, BOMB!!!! We have mutual friends =.=" OMG!!!!!! Another shock for me, I can't imagine what if I bump into him with my friend along since that incident. Awkwardness to the MAX!!!!! T.T

Not going to reveal who is he or who are them. Just have a look~ Enjoy!!!

My favourite is Yuchi Goh now ; )

HUNKS!!!!!!  In Chinese but visual thing is universal ; )

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Waiter or Cumer

Not going to talk about anything link with sexual thing or restaurant (erm...a lil bit). I'm talking about punctuality in any social event, and which role mostly you are??

Waiter, the one who always wait others to come Or Comer, the one who being waited for his/her arrival. Since I was born until now, my fate is to be a waiter.

I always the one wait people to come for meet up, so now I can consider myself very patient person (except driving on the I just use to wait people come, and always prepare something to spend on my waiting time. Waited for 2 hours? nothing special for me. Highest record.....4 hours??

Actually, not just about punctuality, sometimes I have to wait not because that person not punctual, just she/he got things to do first. After I met Sean, again as a fated waiter, I always the one waiting his arrival.

Not that he is late, just I'm too free and He has to go gym after work, so it takes some times for him to meet me for dinner. On the other hand, I try to avoid go gym at peak hours, so I always go early and finish everything, then start waiting him.

When you have own thing to do, the time you waiting the person not that bad. Sometimes it makes you do something always say no time, like reading book!!!! or searching useful material on internet (since public wi-fi so slow, can't load video) also will get bored of those social media and games.

So you are wait-er or cum-er? ;)

Having a nice tea while waiting =)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Him, His & He..Sayhi

When I first saw Him, I felt so shocked about His gorgeous face, and He is Alex Sayhi..LOL Don't get me wrong, I still love Sean more. xD

Alex Sayhi..I found him when I was surfing the internet, and came across a blog shared about this guy. You may not find him hot or good looking, but I like that kind of face features. I hardly like Caucasian, but he caught my attention ; ) His name also quite catchy and easy to remember =)

Ohhh god...I melted~

He is a French model, while also a martial artist, professional acrobat and actor ; ) talented!!! Some people say he got Asian bloodline, but still not sure abotu it. I think he got because he doesn't look like typical French and also has a bit Asian features (A bit la).

Talk less and pics time!!!! xD (Oh! He has intagram and twitter account, just google it ; )