Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Me - My Masks Prt 1

I think I have been too long didn't really talk about myself, mostly just interesting topics to share and discuss. My blog already asked how's your life??

Went through many job interviews really make me asking myself, "What I really want??" Until now I still don't have the clear picture of it or I slowly forget the dream I used to have?? This may due to I wearing too many masks to hide my true self?

Looking back my first post, the reason I named this blog The Guy With Masks, because I believe everyone need to wear different type of masks when facing to various kind of people. For me as gay sure got extra mask than many people don't need - Straight guy mask.

I'm very happy that I no need to wear that mask so often now. I can show who I am in front of plenty of people now. Friends who accept who I am. I'm sure someone will say just be myself at first place, no need to wear so many masks, why care so much??

Well, I don't believe you never tried before. There are many moment that you saying one thing, but your mind is thinking another way in front of friend or someone else. You don't show what you really think. Sometimes wearing masks also not bad, it can avoid conflict and unnecessary argument.

Sometimes also wearing a mask in front of certain persons that I already they are not sincere friends, just purely using me, but still have to maintain the relationship as we may need each other for something in the future. More friends better than more enemies. As long as keep distance with them should be fine.

Some may ask do I still wearing masks in front of my love, Sean? Well, I can say I put down all my masks, but still wearing one mask, a semi-transparent mask. ; ) If showing all my sides at once, nothing to surprise him in the future, which means can't re-spark our chemistry xD...LOLLL

To be continued.....


  1. we all have to put on a mask to people, one way or the other, no matter who we are, where we are, and what sexual orientation we are. Sigh i guess being gay just makes it harder to come out of it sometimes

  2. hmm interesting...what does semi-transparent mask do?for me i have 3 main masks depends on the environment....

    1. Prevent to show all sides of me. Oo what masks are they? ; )