Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Changed? You Sure?

A lot of things happened in this few months, but moslty spent my time at home, gym and with Sean. Still jobless T^T, went for few interviews also failed. Guess I need to take some short course to make my resume looks better??

Back to topic, have you been a moment that realize someone you know has changed and not the one you know anymore. However, do you think it's really true all the time? A random fact (don't true or not la) I said before, high percentage of people think their friend has changed, but they just hadn't known who he/she actually is.

Take the recent hot topic, Miley Cyrus. Many people are saying what happened to her? Where is my Hannah Montana?? Give me back the past Miley...blah blah blah. Nonetheless, maybe that's who she really is and wanted to be. The image that being portrayed from the past, was not the true side of her.

I'm not judging nor supporting any of her act, what I want to say is Sometimes it's not the person changed, it's because he/she didn't show or you didn't notice the true side of him/her.  As plu I can understand, sometimes when I started to be myself, some people around would say "What happened to you?" "You changed!" Well, to me I just being myself and no more pretending what society wanted me to be. You only can accept or avoid the true side of that person, but you can't change him/her from what you prefer. 

"路遥知马力,日久见人心. As distance tests a horse's strength, so time reveals a person's heart."

So fair!!! loll


  1. that's why, always show ur true self from beginning =)

    1. Saying is easy. Sometimes not the person doesn't want show it, just that no one will show everything of himself at first. Some because of slow-warm type, some are just think they don't want to show you their side, maybe still can't trust you or else.

    2. as long what hidden isnt completely opposite of what u been showing, then it should be fine I suppose

  2. One thing for sure, u can always be ur true self with Sean :).

  3. LOL people change times's not strange I guess, sigh