Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sweet Couples & Marriage

Sometimes I really wonder the statement about "It's very hard to have long lasting gay relationship." Many of us say nowaday have a relationship last more than 2 years already considered hard. Some even lost hope about it, because some being together alomost 10 years still broke up.

However, I have my own explanation for that statement, even many people may not agree. I think it's because older generation passed to this mind set about gay relationship in PLU world. During that time, gay is still a taboo and many people still can't accept it. It sort of affected what we want and think. 

You may say relationship just invovles two persons, no need to care about othersbut environment does play an important role in GAY relationship. Imagine people around accept who you are, especially friends and family give their blessing for your relationship.

It's kind of make you think twice when you want to cheat or break up with boyfriend. You might willing to put more effort to sustain this blessed relationship. Now we can see many gay couples decided walk to altar.

I know there are still couples broke up even they got married, but I believe now the condition became better as in 10 gay couples 6 couples able to be together for many years, compared to what we normally think only 2 couples can last.

Many younger generation now really believe in long gay relationship and even marriage. I saw news about an Asian young couple (age 19 & 18) decided to get married (tradition ceremony). One side of parents support them and gave their blessing to their marriage. Maybe it seems like they are too young and so fast to make this decision, but who knows they really can last.

Let's hope what I discussed not just dream or my naiveness, and of course they are other obstables for gay relationship like many temptations lead to cheat, but I believe trust your partner like everyday is last day very important. Don't keep thinking there may be the risk of getting hurt.

My blessing for their marriage =)

The photos speak thousand words, especially the last hug!!! Almost cry T.T

The couple above! Hot couple!!! Hope they don't mind I share it


  1. seriously i'm like...WHATTTTT on the last picture...1 of the couple is my friend....and he broke up recently.....

    1. Huh? You mean tiggah & pooh, you know one of them??

    2. yea 1 of them.....why you call them tiggah and pooh?

    3. Because it's their name on blog. They are from USA. Tiggah (black hair pinoy) is a blogger.