Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Funny Moment with God

Found this article about jokes about gay and homophobic with God. Qutie funny to read them xD

P.S. All just jokes!! Like or don't, just read and forget it, don't take it seriously.

Gay: My dear lord, I'm gay because I chose to?
God: You are gay or not, is a choice.
Homophobic: See!! God said it's a choice!! You all are not born like this!!
God: *Calmly* It's really a choice, but it's my choice.
Homophobic: .........

Homophobic: Be careful!! Don't let boy and boy be too close, if discover got sign of being gay must correct it, this can prevend homosexuality.
Gay: Homosexuality is born to be!!
God: Silence!! I'm taking down note! Homophobic please continue, this batch of human hopeless already, after you all extinct, I will be more careful when creating Adam.
Homophobic/Gay: ........

Homophobic: Gay is disgusting. When I watch two men kissing and having sex make me feel uncomfortable.
Gay: You watch whose video?
Homophobic: Koh Masaki.
God: May I have one copy??
Gay: I thought you took him to your side?! ...

Homophobic: AIDS is punishment for gay, they spread this disease, I suggest God put those have high possibilities to spread the disease to hell.
God: Okay!
Gay: Huh? Where is he???
God: Straight people and drug addict are the main source to spread the disease, who ask gays learned to wear condom.

Homophobic: Gays like to have anal sex, but anus is not created for sex, it against the law of nature!!
Gay: ....
God: Ermm..so does your right/left hand.
Homophobic: ......

Also found a nice video. Please take your time to watch it =)