Monday, 30 September 2013

MUST Watch Videos!!!!

Came across this promo video of Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013, I was O.O OMG all of them so hot!!! They really caught my full attention!! Metled~

Just in case some of you don't know. Cosmo Bachelor Bash was held by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Every September for the past 10 years, it's an event or show to celebrate boys, guys, hunks, hung hunks, men, and bachelors at a little something known as the Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

Something like Hottest Hunk in Malaysia, but it's a way BETTER than ours!!! This is because those who join are mostly celebrities and models. This year got 69 Bachelors and in the end will pick the Top 10 Centerfolds.

The theme for this year was campus fantasies ; ) I always love Pinoy guys!!! <3

Don't get too excited okay? ; )

If a Unicersity got so many guys like below, I defintely be the first to registry!!! xD

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hot hot?

Lazy to write anything, so just post some sexy photos from my phone ; )


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Me - My Masks Prt 1

I think I have been too long didn't really talk about myself, mostly just interesting topics to share and discuss. My blog already asked how's your life??

Went through many job interviews really make me asking myself, "What I really want??" Until now I still don't have the clear picture of it or I slowly forget the dream I used to have?? This may due to I wearing too many masks to hide my true self?

Looking back my first post, the reason I named this blog The Guy With Masks, because I believe everyone need to wear different type of masks when facing to various kind of people. For me as gay sure got extra mask than many people don't need - Straight guy mask.

I'm very happy that I no need to wear that mask so often now. I can show who I am in front of plenty of people now. Friends who accept who I am. I'm sure someone will say just be myself at first place, no need to wear so many masks, why care so much??

Well, I don't believe you never tried before. There are many moment that you saying one thing, but your mind is thinking another way in front of friend or someone else. You don't show what you really think. Sometimes wearing masks also not bad, it can avoid conflict and unnecessary argument.

Sometimes also wearing a mask in front of certain persons that I already they are not sincere friends, just purely using me, but still have to maintain the relationship as we may need each other for something in the future. More friends better than more enemies. As long as keep distance with them should be fine.

Some may ask do I still wearing masks in front of my love, Sean? Well, I can say I put down all my masks, but still wearing one mask, a semi-transparent mask. ; ) If showing all my sides at once, nothing to surprise him in the future, which means can't re-spark our chemistry xD...LOLLL

To be continued.....

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sweet Couples & Marriage

Sometimes I really wonder the statement about "It's very hard to have long lasting gay relationship." Many of us say nowaday have a relationship last more than 2 years already considered hard. Some even lost hope about it, because some being together alomost 10 years still broke up.

However, I have my own explanation for that statement, even many people may not agree. I think it's because older generation passed to this mind set about gay relationship in PLU world. During that time, gay is still a taboo and many people still can't accept it. It sort of affected what we want and think. 

You may say relationship just invovles two persons, no need to care about othersbut environment does play an important role in GAY relationship. Imagine people around accept who you are, especially friends and family give their blessing for your relationship.

It's kind of make you think twice when you want to cheat or break up with boyfriend. You might willing to put more effort to sustain this blessed relationship. Now we can see many gay couples decided walk to altar.

I know there are still couples broke up even they got married, but I believe now the condition became better as in 10 gay couples 6 couples able to be together for many years, compared to what we normally think only 2 couples can last.

Many younger generation now really believe in long gay relationship and even marriage. I saw news about an Asian young couple (age 19 & 18) decided to get married (tradition ceremony). One side of parents support them and gave their blessing to their marriage. Maybe it seems like they are too young and so fast to make this decision, but who knows they really can last.

Let's hope what I discussed not just dream or my naiveness, and of course they are other obstables for gay relationship like many temptations lead to cheat, but I believe trust your partner like everyday is last day very important. Don't keep thinking there may be the risk of getting hurt.

My blessing for their marriage =)

The photos speak thousand words, especially the last hug!!! Almost cry T.T

The couple above! Hot couple!!! Hope they don't mind I share it

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How Big You Want? ; )

Walking on the stree and I saw this...."terrifying" guy? Not sure how to describe my feelings toward him. He is SUPER muscular and huge. Well, hot body can turn me on, but not huge body.

I think I have discussed this kind of topic before, but now just want to know one thing. How big size you can accept your partner to be? If he is nice built, but insist to increase more size, and you can't stop him? Dump him? LOL a way it's nice to lay on a big size, but not the other way, my bones sure all break..hahaha. I just want to increase until a certain weight then I will stop. Not going to really train until like those hot model nice body, because I know I will lazy to maintain.

Luckily, Sean not that kind of person never satisfy how big his body is, but he always say he is fat. Well, he just need to reduce fat and increase muscles, then it's perfect ; ) He does a lot of cardio exercises. His past photo...*ehem ehem*  super cute la xD LOLLL

To me this Nice!! ; )

Still can accept =)
Slightly big to me
Approaching scary level
Erm....I admire his spirit to train until like this if no drug involved

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Changed? You Sure?

A lot of things happened in this few months, but moslty spent my time at home, gym and with Sean. Still jobless T^T, went for few interviews also failed. Guess I need to take some short course to make my resume looks better??

Back to topic, have you been a moment that realize someone you know has changed and not the one you know anymore. However, do you think it's really true all the time? A random fact (don't true or not la) I said before, high percentage of people think their friend has changed, but they just hadn't known who he/she actually is.

Take the recent hot topic, Miley Cyrus. Many people are saying what happened to her? Where is my Hannah Montana?? Give me back the past Miley...blah blah blah. Nonetheless, maybe that's who she really is and wanted to be. The image that being portrayed from the past, was not the true side of her.

I'm not judging nor supporting any of her act, what I want to say is Sometimes it's not the person changed, it's because he/she didn't show or you didn't notice the true side of him/her.  As plu I can understand, sometimes when I started to be myself, some people around would say "What happened to you?" "You changed!" Well, to me I just being myself and no more pretending what society wanted me to be. You only can accept or avoid the true side of that person, but you can't change him/her from what you prefer. 

"路遥知马力,日久见人心. As distance tests a horse's strength, so time reveals a person's heart."

So fair!!! loll

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Guy & Face

Some people like to ask if can only choose nice face or body of your partner, what would you choose? Most answers I got are "Of course Face!!!" Reason? Face is forever there while nice body quite hard to maintain, even though in old age face still able to keep in quite good condition, but body....can just....hard lo.

To us, body also important if you don't have the face, but with nice body, it makes you become a hot guy. However, imagine you trained until very buff and muscular, do you think still look good when you at old age?? I mean you still got that body, but the face is already....not old just don't match. (For me la) Therefore, I just target myself to be just nice, not so slim yet not buff.

Hence, you might ask "so it's about superficial thing again? Must find good looking or nice body?" Well, I prefer you just find someone you LOVE and feel comfortable with. Trust me, no matter how good looking and super hot body your partner is, you still will get used or bored. How is the person (personality, attitude..etc) is the most important~ xD

Just like I think Sean is the hottest guy like sincerely think he is. (Love is blind...opps No no...He is considered hot! xD)  Many people think that la. I stalked his social media..... ; )

This time no hot bodies, all just faces which I think are quite Nice la.......

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Funny Moment with God

Found this article about jokes about gay and homophobic with God. Qutie funny to read them xD

P.S. All just jokes!! Like or don't, just read and forget it, don't take it seriously.

Gay: My dear lord, I'm gay because I chose to?
God: You are gay or not, is a choice.
Homophobic: See!! God said it's a choice!! You all are not born like this!!
God: *Calmly* It's really a choice, but it's my choice.
Homophobic: .........

Homophobic: Be careful!! Don't let boy and boy be too close, if discover got sign of being gay must correct it, this can prevend homosexuality.
Gay: Homosexuality is born to be!!
God: Silence!! I'm taking down note! Homophobic please continue, this batch of human hopeless already, after you all extinct, I will be more careful when creating Adam.
Homophobic/Gay: ........

Homophobic: Gay is disgusting. When I watch two men kissing and having sex make me feel uncomfortable.
Gay: You watch whose video?
Homophobic: Koh Masaki.
God: May I have one copy??
Gay: I thought you took him to your side?! ...

Homophobic: AIDS is punishment for gay, they spread this disease, I suggest God put those have high possibilities to spread the disease to hell.
God: Okay!
Gay: Huh? Where is he???
God: Straight people and drug addict are the main source to spread the disease, who ask gays learned to wear condom.

Homophobic: Gays like to have anal sex, but anus is not created for sex, it against the law of nature!!
Gay: ....
God: does your right/left hand.
Homophobic: ......

Also found a nice video. Please take your time to watch it =)