Friday, 1 May 2015

I'm Seriously An Idiot

There is a wise advice to people, which is think before you speak. However, I totally fail on this. I did something very terrible to someone.

Jacky is my ex-date, and after few dates we didn't contact for quite long. After that we still got like each other post on social apps. One day, I was quite bored at home, so keep finding friends to chat. Then, I saw Jacky online, and I felt like want to know how he is doing. Hence, I started chatting with him.

The conversation was going smoothly, and throughout it we supposed to go out for dessert la but I accepted first then suddenly felt lazy, so I indirectly made it not going to happen =( After that he still cool with it, not until I said something terrible which I never thought would be SO OFFENDED.

Currently, I have feeling for someone and trying to chase after him. Hence, when I said I will ask Jacky out soon, I added this "but as friend not date" He suddenly pissed off and asked what do I mean??

I was shocked and couldn't think properly so simply said I'm seeing someone so want to make it clear (actually still nothing happen between me and that guy, I just want to let him know my heart got someone ady T.T). He was quite angry about it and said I should go find that guy not him.

Friend told me I should think before I type and be more empathy. This time I really didn't put myself in his shoes. Think about it, it is really offended to someone. I'm so selfish to just say I want to say without think further.

I'm so so sorry to Jacky T.T I always think I'm socially awkward person, now it proves that I should either don't talk to people or go attend talking skills class x(

In the end, he got apologized if he said something too over. Hope he is still okay. Maybe I should just talk to Ryan and don't disturb other people's life =(


  1. Don't know is it because of my age. I think what you did was quite okay. Be clear and to prevent mess.

    1. Agree to this. I, myself too, will always make things clear before any complications comes knocking on my door.

    2. @twohornschild Thanks for your comment, it really makes me feel better. =)

      @alex Ya. That's my intention to mention about that. I really don't want to make things become complicated. Btw, why were you still awake at that kind of time O.O

  2. Ah buddy, chill. Misunderstandings happen and sometimes it better to be frank than to beat around a bush. Else, everyone will get the wrong message and you'd be confusing yourself too. :)