Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Fear of Losing Loved One Forever

I always know that life is short, and treasure what you have. I also know it's very painful when you might losing someone you love the most.

Recently, I truly understood what those mean. My mum is diagnosed with cancer, and it totally changed our life. The day I knew about it, I didn't know what to respond because it was my mum broke the news to me. Not sure it's a good thing because she still able to make fun of it, like "Doctor said only few months left.....just kidding la~~" =.=

First night, I could only hide and cry about it. People always think bad things will not happen to them, so did I. I really can't believe I have to face this kind of situation. It's on third stage..a lot things went through my mind, is it can be fully recovered? would it come back again? what my mum have to go through?

One night, my mum came into my room, and said she feels sorry because she will become a burden to us. During that moment, my heart was broken into pieces, because I could feel that how afraid and worry she is, about what she going to face.

I know I have to be strong, so that I can give my full support to her. Soon, we will have discussion with doctor about the treatment. I'm ready for it and won't easily let anything to bring me down. My dad and brother have already done a lot of research about the cancer.

Luckily, all of us are still quite optimistic about it. We believe that everything will be alright as long as we support each other.

I love my family =)

At here, I also encourage you all try persuade your parents to go for regular checkup especially they are after 50 years old. Prevention is always better than cure. 


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  2. I am proof that it can be overcome. It's a long long fight, but from what I read, your mom's mentality is strong. Joking about it may sound very wrong at times, but it is the easiest way for one who suffer to even talk about it. One thing for sure, all who suffers from CA may look strong, but all we need is that support. Treatment will be tough, and side effects from treatments will be tougher. Be sure to remember one thing buddy, a strong mind could make a difference(For the patient). No one is more scared than the ones who are suffering from it. As love ones, listen, support and acknowledge. Sometimes, that is what we really need. Be strong buddy :)

    1. I really feel thankful and appreciate for your advice. I will and must stay strong to support her =)

  3. Sorry to hear.. just hang in there and be strong! I experienced something similar with my dad last year, learning about the diagnosis really changes the entire family's perspective... And hey, my dad is still here now, it's still an ongoing process but when the family is united it becomes less daunting :)

  4. Sorry to hear..... All I can say is be strong and pray for her. 1 thing that I always know is that no mothers would like to burden their children, my mum would drive herself to the hospital for her check up even when I say I would drive her there.. I hope you will cope well and yeah just give her all the support that she needs. Hugs....