Sunday, 6 January 2013

Nice bitch Hatred bitch

Today went out with that queen of bitches, Joker and quite a nice outing, but don't think for him...because he said I'm so boring and never go out with me again..LOL Well, I have to admit I'm a boring kind of person, sometimes I'm a freak to my friends..xD

Don't know why he gave me the feeling like he got aristocrat aura..hahaha Erm..if we were cat, maybe he were persian cat (Talking about the cat's other meaning)...=) I guess strong pride..a bit arrogant....etc and of course Cute~ Don't angry for what I said just briefly analysis as haven't known him very well so can't go into deep part.  Just laugh those off. =) *Peace*

Hahaha..sorry la due to some reasons, got that habit of analyze people's personality ; )  He is very nice and awesome bitch that you can't miss him up in your journey of life ; )

Watched Les Miserable, it was nice and got some parts almost made me cry.T.T Feel like going to watch musical show now. Long time  haven't been any muscial shows.

Supposed go to gym but I ended up sitting on the sofa playing with phone to kill some times...loll Then, that's the time I met this bitch. I saw a guy walking to my direction and sitting next to me. He is hot so kept my eyes on him for a while. This bitch..I think his bf or what, caught me looking at him. He used that contempt and full of hatred eyes looked at me. =.=

I was..opps okay sorry..continue play my phone..but that bitch faster asked his bf move to other seat. His bf asked why, that bitch said not a nice spot then looked at me. I was like WTF!!! I just looked at your bf for a while...not that I went kacau him or what. So precious..don't let him go out in public la!! Isn't that should be happy your BF still can attract people eyes -.-

Anyways, regardless of that today was a ncie day for me ; )

Persian Cat~  Meow~


  1. I so not gonna see you again!!!

    lol~ why persian cat? they die so easily de loh...

    Ei, you dint great William's mum hor just now!!! No manners!!!

    Take off your pants now!!! Piak piak!!! (you into sm? ehem, slurp )



    1. Okay =(

      I did greet his mum okay?!! Shaked her hand =)

      I know you want do that to me just now ; )

    2. oklar persian cat,very high-ended one,can only eat high-ended food:D

    3. Ya. Feeling better now =)

    4. Deep throat... good medicine~



  2. guys didn't ahem ahem meh?

    1. Hahahaha...we are long lost cousin with same ancestor..cannot cannot. incest..xD

  3. Ooo...secret rendezvous both of you all.

    I have yet to watch Les Miserables.

    1. Next time you can go with me only ; )

      Faster go to watch!! Worth it!! =)