Saturday, 5 January 2013

That moment!!!

Due to my sickness, I have been trapped inside the hosue for four days, which also means absent for gym. Feel so guilty now..should do some simple work out at home.

Because my throat still feel a bit pain, past few days I only can eat porridge, bihun soup, bread and milo. That evil bitch  Joker kept talking about food with me!! That queen of bitches. I'm really craving for food that can excite my taste buds T.T

Luckily, today I could have that moment!!! go out to have some fresh air. Went to restaurant to have tasty food but couldn't that too heavy. My mum said still haven't fully recovered so she also not allow me go out into crowd or public so much cause body still recovering many bacteria outside =.=

One more thing, was playing with match finder in Jackd..clicked interested on one guy. Suddenly, pop up he also interested on me too. o.O Didn't know got such person exist. (To my hiao bitches...he is 2x only okay??!!) However, that guy maybe clicked wrongly or what...he's so freaking passive. I message one thing, he replies one. I really bad at maintain a nice convo!!! He expects me to talk more or he just not really interested..what the heck....=.=

No! He is not like that..just find this guy hot especially the chest..Oh My xD


  1. Banyak hottie a the mall today~

    cuci mata~

  2. You Evil bitch again!!

    No need wash your eyes, just let it be

  3. Hope you have fully recovered by now.


  4. porridge,bread and milo is nice,i love em:D

    1. once in a while is okay, but not for 4 days.