Friday, 25 January 2013

Love love love~

Time for some matured and quality content (Mr. Leonut reminded me), if not my blog going to be full of slutty posts. Like one day meet someone, when they know my blog they will respond "Oh! That slut!" but I guess I'm not the worse yet....LOLLLL *wink wink*

*Long post..bear with me*

Okay..LOVE!! Of course talking about love in gay relationship. How we define it?? It can last forever?? Does it really exist or just illusion?? Ask 10 people you will mostly get 10 different asnwers. It all depends how you experience, discover, and truly understand it. We can't deny we are horny all the time or..just me?? LOL but we need to find balance with love..I don't believe you feel very horny forever..sure will decline. xD

 Three components of love from “Triangle Theory of Love,” was developed by Dr. Robert Sternberg.

Intimacy – The friendship or specialness of the relationship.  The feelings of closeness, bondedness, connectedness, trust, and friendship in the relationship.

Passion – The excitement or energy of the relationship.  The feelings of physical attraction, romance, and arousal (particularly sexual arousal) in the relationship.

Commitment – The “business aspect” of the relationship.  This includes all the shared investments, or the “history,” of the relationship, such as decisions, experiences, and adjustments

Three components will form different....kind of love or affection.

1. Friendship ~ Intimacy Only (No Passion or Commitment) – Can be summed up as having intimacy with one another, feeling close,  & trusting one another. (This one is sweet, please! you can love your friends too...but maybe that's why a lot friendzoned!!!! because people feel secure in this kind of relationship!!!!)

2. Infatuation ~ Passion Only (No Intimacy or Commitment) – This tends to be a superficial relationship that is one-sided, where the couple are temporarily ga-ga over one another.  In Hollyword, this is known as a “whirlwind romance.” (We mostly fall on this and mistook this as love..superficial as we are..hard to avoid it but we will learn from mistake!!! =)

3. Empty Love ~ Commitment Only (No Passion or Intimacy) – This is most often an older relationship where the passion and intimacy have died…like “falling out of love.” (The reason people don't believe in true love because this is the cheating stage BUT not all couples will go through just depends how you maintain your relationship!!!!)

4. Romantic Love ~ Intimacy & Passion (No Commitment) – This can be a blossoming relationship where the couple feel like best friends (“friends with benefits”).  As experiences grow with one another, this type of love may develop Commitment. (What most gays want but they don't know it cannot last forever, there are other things to maintain the relationship. Passion is good and pleasure, but human very hard to learn it fade quickly and meaningless in a way.)

5. Companionate Love ~ Intimacy & Commitment (No Passion) – Again, this usually occurs in older relationships where the couple remain best friends, but no longer feel passion for one another. This type of love can still be very satisfying and long-lasting. (Somewhat not ideal but still can find it on many gay couples which being together for more than 10 years, but this the time something need to add on to make the relationship forever =)

6. Fantasy Love ~ Passion & Commitment (No Intimacy) – This is a feeling of love because the couple wants to be in love…but they really have little in common. (Mostly horniness and loneliness kick in..that's why some gay couples fall in love because of want fall in love not really LOVE each other)

7. Non-Love ~ All Sides Absent (No Passion, Intimacy or Commitment) – Basically, this type of relationship is of just an acquaintance. (No comment..LOL)

8. Complete or Consummate Love ~ (All Sides Present) – The best of all types, the “ideal relationship,” that all couples would like to achieve. (Ultimate goal and hard to achieve but doesn't mean you can't!!! I know it's very hard for gays to achieve but come on!! At least believe on it)

Why many gay relationships cannot last very long?? because many of them so into passion!! When it fades..which mean the relationship cannot last long. Only commitment will kind of maintain the relationship, some even straight away break up. However, there are something more meaningful can add on and make you experience another kind of love...

To be continue....


  1. LOL, just you la..
    Anyways, i'm at 4 all the time.. ><!

    1. Eh..I also got mature part okay? ; )

      Is okay we all sure go through that.. =)

  2. aha!i just asked my 'sister' and his husband on how they already in their 7th year.....they said need give and take,and ensure both of the parties not feeling 'one sided':D

  3. I know two guys who have been married for 20+ years (but they're in Canada)... So I do believe that love exists in gay relationships...

    1. Ya. There sure are many couples out there live happily after but gays at here quite hard to find = (

  4. Haha, didn't know that there are so many categories of love.


    1. Which one you have experienced? ; )