Friday, 31 August 2012

No one is perfect?

Everyone for sure want their Mr. or Ms. Right is a perfect person while in reality not everyone is perfect. Even though those persons who labelled as perfect I also feel doubt about it. No that I'm jealous or pessimisit I just think there is for sure one minor flaw in a person no matter how perfect he or she is. Well, maybe the meaning perfect is different from each person and if there is no flaw where got the word perfect and make it so precious and desperated from people.

From my many years observation, I don't know I should say God or our "Creator" (since not a really religious person nor atheist) is fair or not because what I can say is he gives you one or two gifts, then he sure will take away one thing or two things from you. For example, some guys have the look but don't have the height while some have the height but not good looking. Of course if you have the hot body already cover many things but still can't considered perfect. That's why everytime I see those hot guys with high score in height, look and body, I automatic think about their flaw or weakness. I have seen some cases that he got all the things but one thing make him out of Mr. Perfect, personality. Another guy is his voice.

I'm not trying to burst everyone bubble or what, maybe I still haven't seen a real perfect guy but I just want to say as long as the person can make you happy and willing to spend your whole life with him then I think he is the Mr. Perfect for you.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Super Muscular Guy

Today I met my colleague's gym buddy at gym. I jaw was dropped off when I saw him because he is like super muscular and tall. I can only use one work to describe my frist impression. Huge!!..literally. His body is totally a inverted triangle body shape. I heard that he is from Iran and is professional trainer.

As a gay of myself, I think it is too much for me because he is really huge to me. Although he can draw attention from me but not in term of attraction. However, my another female colleague definitely so in to him. She likes those super muscular guy where most of my female friends prefer a bit muscular guy is enough. Too bad only my colleague able to take photo with him. Trying to find any picture like him, but quite hard to find.

Like this but taller and hard to find =(
I prefer this type of body. Totally turn on by him ; )

Monday, 13 August 2012

Hairy boy

Erm..after passed my puberty and became an young adult. A lot of things seem normal to me in term of life. One of the things I quite concern about of course is my physical appearance..well I started to go gym to build up my skinny body, but one thing I can't ignore is my hairy gene. Everyone always has the same surprise reaction even my parents when they see my super hairy legs. Moreover, I'm a quite fair skin person so it's more obvious to notice. Not just leg my other parts (including pubic hair) whichannoy me because the region it has grown until I can't really wear brief underwear but only trunk to avoid see my sexy hair. Plus, my overall appearance doesn't match with hairy that's why so many people feel so surpirse to find out how hairy I am.

Now I can see my chest also start becoming hairier -.-. Well, maybe if I really don't like it I shall try waxing though they say it's quite painful. I noramlly just trim my private part and armpit, and legs I just let it be so just wear short pants like normal.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hot guys in Malaysia?

Everyday seems so busy for me after I became a member of gym, which I finally decided to join. Every moment was full of work and task to do. Gym, final year project and part-time job...all suddenly bombarded in my life. Not use to being so busy during holidays since my all past holidays just did nothing productive.

Sometimes morning go to gym then straight away go working, by the time reach my home already super tired and straight away jump to bed. By good thing in my work is can see and find many hot guys in my working place even though just can keep an eye on them (cause part of our services isfollow and approach to one service) ..well better than nothing. Actually, don't know I'm not that picky or what, I think Malaysia also got a lot of hot guys regarding looking and body. Maybe I haven't explore to other nice place or country with a lot of hot guys like from what I have read is Singapore. From all those other countries (UK, Australia etc.) I have been, Malaysia (or K.L) not bad at all, maybe I more in to Asian...haha.

Recently, got one day nothing to do so click on Facebook to stalk some hot guys and like I said there are a lot of hot guys in Malaysia base. Some I think can see they are gay as all their friends are males and with all hot bodies. My eyes were wider to max to realise so many hot guys out there in Malaysia mostly in K.L. Well, I just hope my future one is just good enough already okay as I also not that hot and good looking.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Finally! Hope of Gay marriage in Asia

I saw a news about same-sex marriage could be legal in Vietnam.Vietnam's Communist government is now considering whether to allow same-sex couples to marry or legally register and receive rights. If the proposal passed, Vietnam definitely would create a unforgettable milestone or history. I was quite surprised yet still felt happy about it as finally there is a start for facing and accepting same sex relationship among Asia countries. Homosexual is always a taboo in Asian culture so don't even say same sex marriage. However, with the hardwork of gay activists and scientists to prove that homosexual is not a illness or mental problems. The acceptance of homosexual becoming more approachable to public especially younger generation and there are 11 countries and few states in USA already legalised same sex marriage. For further reading please go here

Like others opinion, pass or not is not important, as long as finally got people in Asia start facing this reality and not avoid it anymore. It's really a big step for asian culture and probably make other Asia countries to start consider and discuss about this issue. I really hope there is a day when asking someone sexual orientation and the answer is homosexual would be no surprise and disgust, just like normal response like asking age.