Friday, 31 August 2012

No one is perfect?

Everyone for sure want their Mr. or Ms. Right is a perfect person while in reality not everyone is perfect. Even though those persons who labelled as perfect I also feel doubt about it. No that I'm jealous or pessimisit I just think there is for sure one minor flaw in a person no matter how perfect he or she is. Well, maybe the meaning perfect is different from each person and if there is no flaw where got the word perfect and make it so precious and desperated from people.

From my many years observation, I don't know I should say God or our "Creator" (since not a really religious person nor atheist) is fair or not because what I can say is he gives you one or two gifts, then he sure will take away one thing or two things from you. For example, some guys have the look but don't have the height while some have the height but not good looking. Of course if you have the hot body already cover many things but still can't considered perfect. That's why everytime I see those hot guys with high score in height, look and body, I automatic think about their flaw or weakness. I have seen some cases that he got all the things but one thing make him out of Mr. Perfect, personality. Another guy is his voice.

I'm not trying to burst everyone bubble or what, maybe I still haven't seen a real perfect guy but I just want to say as long as the person can make you happy and willing to spend your whole life with him then I think he is the Mr. Perfect for you.

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  1. well, i only can blame God for making me gay. :(