Monday, 13 August 2012

Hairy boy

Erm..after passed my puberty and became an young adult. A lot of things seem normal to me in term of life. One of the things I quite concern about of course is my physical appearance..well I started to go gym to build up my skinny body, but one thing I can't ignore is my hairy gene. Everyone always has the same surprise reaction even my parents when they see my super hairy legs. Moreover, I'm a quite fair skin person so it's more obvious to notice. Not just leg my other parts (including pubic hair) whichannoy me because the region it has grown until I can't really wear brief underwear but only trunk to avoid see my sexy hair. Plus, my overall appearance doesn't match with hairy that's why so many people feel so surpirse to find out how hairy I am.

Now I can see my chest also start becoming hairier -.-. Well, maybe if I really don't like it I shall try waxing though they say it's quite painful. I noramlly just trim my private part and armpit, and legs I just let it be so just wear short pants like normal.

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