Thursday, 2 August 2012

Finally! Hope of Gay marriage in Asia

I saw a news about same-sex marriage could be legal in Vietnam.Vietnam's Communist government is now considering whether to allow same-sex couples to marry or legally register and receive rights. If the proposal passed, Vietnam definitely would create a unforgettable milestone or history. I was quite surprised yet still felt happy about it as finally there is a start for facing and accepting same sex relationship among Asia countries. Homosexual is always a taboo in Asian culture so don't even say same sex marriage. However, with the hardwork of gay activists and scientists to prove that homosexual is not a illness or mental problems. The acceptance of homosexual becoming more approachable to public especially younger generation and there are 11 countries and few states in USA already legalised same sex marriage. For further reading please go here

Like others opinion, pass or not is not important, as long as finally got people in Asia start facing this reality and not avoid it anymore. It's really a big step for asian culture and probably make other Asia countries to start consider and discuss about this issue. I really hope there is a day when asking someone sexual orientation and the answer is homosexual would be no surprise and disgust, just like normal response like asking age.

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