Friday, 17 August 2012

Super Muscular Guy

Today I met my colleague's gym buddy at gym. I jaw was dropped off when I saw him because he is like super muscular and tall. I can only use one work to describe my frist impression. Huge!!..literally. His body is totally a inverted triangle body shape. I heard that he is from Iran and is professional trainer.

As a gay of myself, I think it is too much for me because he is really huge to me. Although he can draw attention from me but not in term of attraction. However, my another female colleague definitely so in to him. She likes those super muscular guy where most of my female friends prefer a bit muscular guy is enough. Too bad only my colleague able to take photo with him. Trying to find any picture like him, but quite hard to find.

Like this but taller and hard to find =(
I prefer this type of body. Totally turn on by him ; )

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