Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hot guys in Malaysia?

Everyday seems so busy for me after I became a member of gym, which I finally decided to join. Every moment was full of work and task to do. Gym, final year project and part-time job...all suddenly bombarded in my life. Not use to being so busy during holidays since my all past holidays just did nothing productive.

Sometimes morning go to gym then straight away go working, by the time reach my home already super tired and straight away jump to bed. By good thing in my work is can see and find many hot guys in my working place even though just can keep an eye on them (cause part of our services isfollow and approach to one service) ..well better than nothing. Actually, don't know I'm not that picky or what, I think Malaysia also got a lot of hot guys regarding looking and body. Maybe I haven't explore to other nice place or country with a lot of hot guys like from what I have read is Singapore. From all those other countries (UK, Australia etc.) I have been, Malaysia (or K.L) not bad at all, maybe I more in to Asian...haha.

Recently, got one day nothing to do so click on Facebook to stalk some hot guys and like I said there are a lot of hot guys in Malaysia base. Some I think can see they are gay as all their friends are males and with all hot bodies. My eyes were wider to max to realise so many hot guys out there in Malaysia mostly in K.L. Well, I just hope my future one is just good enough already okay as I also not that hot and good looking.

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