Thursday, 28 November 2013

The End & A New Chapter

Although the time we spent together not really long, I feel really happy to meet you in my life. In this short period, I able to learn plenty of things from you. I really didn't expect it will end so fast, as we know life full of unpredictable things.

I feel so sorry to give you up and chose what I consider a better choice. I promise I gonna miss you and never forget about you - my dear first job.

Yes! I'm going to leave my job. My manager was not really happy about it when I threw this big bomb to him during year end when everyone is busy. Why I chose to? I also didn't expect a better opportunity came to me. It's really an good offer in term of better future and growth in my career path.

I have no choice, but leaving my current job which I worked almost 2 months only. It's a hard decision to make, but I need think about my future. I already known that I wouldn't stay long for this current because it's less challenging and space for growth. I just didn't know it will be so fast.

Opportunity came and I don't want to miss it, so I deicded grab and hold it. I hope my manager can understand it. Thinking of it, my many firstS also couldn't last long. First part time job...first relationship...first job..first fun *cough cough* 

Well, I'm going to start another new chapter of my life and hope everything will be fine and I'm sure no matter what I won't regret my decision.

Have a beer and chill first

Monday, 18 November 2013

Life is Life

It's my 200th post now!!!! I shall write something meaningful...LOL

Let's talk about my working life, I learnt a lot from it. I like to observe and intrepret about the environment of my company or I name it "mini society". By just working at a company, I already can see many kinds of people and be more caution interpersonal relationship.

I guess no one can escape from office politics no matter how small or big your company is. First thing I learnt, "It's impossible to make everyone likes you, but never make them be your enemy." However, sometimes it's not all cruel to me, like got one old lady seems doesn't like me cause I kept doing mistakes and clumsy. I smile to her, she never smile back just cold face.

Well, I tried to do my best did everything nicely and always keep smiling to her. One day, she sharing her extra food to people and also came to my desk asked me with a nice smile. That moment really felt nice because from an annoying, cold til smiley face means some people still appreciate your effort to be nice. It's not all cases that if a person doesn't you, no matter what you did, he/she also still the same.

Love life? It's still wonderful. Soon, Sean and I already been together for half year. We actually set a timeline like see we can last until that time. Now almost reaching our goal (half year), then we set to 8 months and try to achieve it. =)

It's hard to be optimistic all the time, but I try my best to be most of the time. Life really full of unpredictable things, I really need to appreaciate what I having and people around me. Took too many things as granted, need to redefine everything again.

Sometimes walking in a park, slowly feel all my sensation, I'm so glad and grateful that I can see I can speak I can hear I can walk, all these things seems absolute to us, but precious things that others hoping for. I cannot say my life is perfect, but I can say my life is happy. It all depends how you see the world.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Fetishes: Chest? Thigh??

Actually they are not new fetishes, juts that I didn't realize them before Sean pointed out my fetishes to me ;p Not sure they still considered fetishes or not. I really like guy's with big chest and thigh.

I posted before about how big size you can accept , and now I am in little conflict, where I think a guy overall is too big for me, but I still find his chest so sexy and turn me on...xD

Thigh also the same to me, where a guy have nice muscular or big thigh turn me on too. It sounds weird but I wish to hug a guy's thigh like bolster when on bed..LOLL Luckily, Sean's thighs quite big for me, and I tried to do it but he was a bit speechless..hahahaahha.

Cut it short, long time didn't share hot guys photo. Let's see whether you are same as me ; )


Perfect ; )

Ignore the veins, his chest I'm okay xD

Yup! Literally man boobs but I quite like it xD Thigh also big!!!


Not really big but like xD

Sexy ; )

With the hairy leg ++++++ xD

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mr. Right & Family

It's so nice to share with a close friend about your relationship. I'm not sure whether others also feel this way, but I feel I appreciate my relationship more after long talk with my friend.

From complaining about bf to slowly realized how many little sweet things in our relationship. No one is perfect so does relationship, we can't expect what you have fantazied from another party. In the end, it's just your fantasy or dream, you need to think about reality.

We always tend to see our Mr. right as Mr. perfect gradually. He is the right guy doesn't mean everything has to match with your expectation perfectly. Each party has to sacrifice something or compromise for better relationship quality. Every individual is unique in term of many aspects, even you both are meant for each other, there is no way you guys can match nicely at the beginning.

It takes time for both parties find ways to sustain the relationship and match each other better. This also make me think about my family. Many people take relationship or bonding with family as granted, becasue no matter what you can't change the connection and relationship of family.

However, family still ordinary person, they also need our times to spend together strengthen the bonding. If family relationship has be neglected, it will also like other relationships, there is a distance between you all. To me, bf and friends are not always stay or be there, but family definitely are. I only realized how long I haven't had a date with my mum, which I used to do.

To him and my family.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Felt quite Sad

Had a very nice holiday with some awesome people, especially with Sean. I guess our relationship is getting stronger bit by bit, hope not just one side thingy...LOL xD

This moring I read a friend's fb status and it made me felt quite sad and down. She said there is no way she going to support same sex marriage and marriage is for one male and female. Reading her replies to friends also made me felt sad and a bit a angry.

Of course I have a lot of diagreement about her point of view. I know I shouldn't easily let others to control my emotions and we can't take everyone opinion so seriously. However, I just couldn't stop myself to think about it.

She can say quite close to me, or maybe used to. I just want to say marriage is not all about reproduction or produce new generation. We are considered higher level organism in Earth because we can think and feel in higher level than others.

I know dad and mum cannot be replaced, but so do love. You cannot replace the feeling of love an invidividual towards another regardless of sex. As many people said Love is complicated and no one can really decide it's right or wrong.

I know I should respect your personal view, but please use your words wisely. It's kind of shallow to use those kind of words to strengthen your stand. Thank you *Relief* Luckily can write everything at here. I love you my dear blog~