Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mr. Right & Family

It's so nice to share with a close friend about your relationship. I'm not sure whether others also feel this way, but I feel I appreciate my relationship more after long talk with my friend.

From complaining about bf to slowly realized how many little sweet things in our relationship. No one is perfect so does relationship, we can't expect what you have fantazied from another party. In the end, it's just your fantasy or dream, you need to think about reality.

We always tend to see our Mr. right as Mr. perfect gradually. He is the right guy doesn't mean everything has to match with your expectation perfectly. Each party has to sacrifice something or compromise for better relationship quality. Every individual is unique in term of many aspects, even you both are meant for each other, there is no way you guys can match nicely at the beginning.

It takes time for both parties find ways to sustain the relationship and match each other better. This also make me think about my family. Many people take relationship or bonding with family as granted, becasue no matter what you can't change the connection and relationship of family.

However, family still ordinary person, they also need our times to spend together strengthen the bonding. If family relationship has be neglected, it will also like other relationships, there is a distance between you all. To me, bf and friends are not always stay or be there, but family definitely are. I only realized how long I haven't had a date with my mum, which I used to do.

To him and my family.



  1. Thats nice and well said. Being appreciative makes you somehow happier right??

    1. Thanks. Yup, feel happier and be more positive for the relationship. How it's going to be, is mostly on both of us.

  2. It's a nice feeling to be happy.


    1. Yup. It is and you also always be happy ya~ =)