Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Fetishes: Chest? Thigh??

Actually they are not new fetishes, juts that I didn't realize them before Sean pointed out my fetishes to me ;p Not sure they still considered fetishes or not. I really like guy's with big chest and thigh.

I posted before about how big size you can accept , and now I am in little conflict, where I think a guy overall is too big for me, but I still find his chest so sexy and turn me on...xD

Thigh also the same to me, where a guy have nice muscular or big thigh turn me on too. It sounds weird but I wish to hug a guy's thigh like bolster when on bed..LOLL Luckily, Sean's thighs quite big for me, and I tried to do it but he was a bit speechless..hahahaahha.

Cut it short, long time didn't share hot guys photo. Let's see whether you are same as me ; )


Perfect ; )

Ignore the veins, his chest I'm okay xD

Yup! Literally man boobs but I quite like it xD Thigh also big!!!


Not really big but like xD

Sexy ; )

With the hairy leg ++++++ xD