Monday, 18 November 2013

Life is Life

It's my 200th post now!!!! I shall write something meaningful...LOL

Let's talk about my working life, I learnt a lot from it. I like to observe and intrepret about the environment of my company or I name it "mini society". By just working at a company, I already can see many kinds of people and be more caution interpersonal relationship.

I guess no one can escape from office politics no matter how small or big your company is. First thing I learnt, "It's impossible to make everyone likes you, but never make them be your enemy." However, sometimes it's not all cruel to me, like got one old lady seems doesn't like me cause I kept doing mistakes and clumsy. I smile to her, she never smile back just cold face.

Well, I tried to do my best did everything nicely and always keep smiling to her. One day, she sharing her extra food to people and also came to my desk asked me with a nice smile. That moment really felt nice because from an annoying, cold til smiley face means some people still appreciate your effort to be nice. It's not all cases that if a person doesn't you, no matter what you did, he/she also still the same.

Love life? It's still wonderful. Soon, Sean and I already been together for half year. We actually set a timeline like see we can last until that time. Now almost reaching our goal (half year), then we set to 8 months and try to achieve it. =)

It's hard to be optimistic all the time, but I try my best to be most of the time. Life really full of unpredictable things, I really need to appreaciate what I having and people around me. Took too many things as granted, need to redefine everything again.

Sometimes walking in a park, slowly feel all my sensation, I'm so glad and grateful that I can see I can speak I can hear I can walk, all these things seems absolute to us, but precious things that others hoping for. I cannot say my life is perfect, but I can say my life is happy. It all depends how you see the world.


  1. hahah 2 things:

    1) I envy about your working life, i wish i am working and earning money now!
    2) I envy about you and Sean, you two love birds!!! stay sweet forever okayyyyy!

    1. Soon you will. Now try enjoy Uni life!!
      Thanks we will!!!

  2. looking forward to your 1000th post

    1. Haha..okay! Hope you will still read my blog by that time.

  3. happy half-anniversary then:)

    on your previous post seems like we share the same taste...i have 2 'contradicting' tastes on guys,1 is the same with you and another is the same with another bloggerXD

    1. Haha..thanks
      Then, you sure like all those pics ;)