Sunday, 4 November 2012

I'm a lifeless Gay

Just realized how lifeless I am for this few years, no wonder my social circle is so small. If you cant contact me, there are only three places you need to go to find me - my house, Uni and gym. That's all..most of the time you sure find me at any of these places, only few times I'm at other place like shopping mall. My phone also possible whole day no one text and call me. This is my boring life...everyday go Uni..gym..home. No class...still stay at home. Besties? They have their BF and busy life too. Hard to meet them.

Night life?? Oh please..the only time I will back late is either friend's birthday or gathering. To be honest, after 12am my brain start stop functioning and turning into sleep mode. That's why I don't have curfew at all, my mom think it's okay for few times per month or within months!! I am a morning person so when rushing assignment, I always sleep early and wake up early in the morning to do.

Sometimes my friend said I need to get a life...but I don't know how to start. I'm not anti-social just very passive kind of person. Need someone to "lead" or "guide"

Just staying at home to check out hot

Should find one day go clubbing. Woot woot~


  1. It is so true to say that "I'm not anti-social just very passive kind of person. Need someone to "lead" or "guide" me"." I can understand this very much but the problem is most guys (Chinese and straight) will only do this to girls. I am a Chinese guy myself but I find that they are mostly very self absorbed, mean and individualistic. The only friends who guide me are girls or my Malay guy friends. Maybe, the solution is mix with the people who are at the same level as you and support each other. Wish you success in spicing up your uni life.

    1. but I have many girl friends and malay friends =( Okay I know sometimes I need to be initiative...x.x

  2. hahahha same la...sometimes just feel like YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and whatever u want