Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hot guys everywhere??

Again, I doubt about my standard and way to define a hot guy. I found out my gmy suddenly got a lot of hotties and cutties appear, maybe I'm still new so they maybe have been around just not home member,can go other branches too. Found some of them are really HOT and SEXY.

As a creepy stalker, of course I couldn't miss a chance to look how their naked bodies look like..LOL Oh man..their bodies so many months and years to get that kind of body. Full of jealous, but could't admit they are really hot and yummy ; )

For cutties, although they don't have the really sexy body, cute and good looking can cover it. Hahaha

Found some pictures and I SWEAR to GOD they really look like that

The Body

Got a guy like this..(Erm..face does not really match with body) LOL

The Face

Realize big eyes always come with long eyelashes



  1. There are a lot of hot guys around indeed. Just go to shopping malls and you will see. I still remember some hot guys I saw being the promoters of Peugeout car. I wish to remove this addiciton...

    1. Hi!! How are you? =D Thought you dissapear!! YA!! Shopping mall also a nice place ; )