Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Friend like couple

Now I really know why people around us keep telling me and one of my besties are like couple. The way we talk and interaction really like couple, sometimes those words I use to text or message her have no limit...love you...kiss..hug..all you can think of. If her boyfriend find out, sure will either ask her block my number or kill me..LOL.  However, if we were a couple, it would be an interesting couple.

I don't like football, she likes and quite crazy for it
I like chick flick movie, she likes action and horror movie
What I like to eat, she does not really like and vice versa
I don't really play video game, she..love it!
Most important, I think a guy is hot, she totally think in opposite way! LOL

Quite a number of disimilarities, yet I don't know why we became close friend. So nice and comfortable to talk with her, and I really like to tease her!! Full of sacasm in most our conversation, I love her reaction when she realize I'm being sarcastic..lol.

I guess many gays mostly have a female friend like this?? hahaha


  1. So that means she will be the top in bed la?.. HAHAHA

    1. HAHAHAHAHA!! I like your intepretation....quite similar what I meant as "insteresting couple" LOL