Thursday, 29 November 2012


I went out for a date, it was not anyone but my Good thing to date with my mom is I no need to spend any single ringgit or cent on anything. Hahaha. I know is bad but no choice still a student, no money treat my mom.  The only thing I can do is accompany her to shopping, since my dad doesn't like to shopping.

Actually, I quite curious how other gays shop with their mom, like typical guys always find a seat and waiting the lady to finish? For me, I always standing and walking with mom because she wants my opinion. Don't know why she trusts my fashion maybe she doesn't have a daughter so no one can give opinion. She always say how she wished I was a girl when she carrying me...well in a way the wish came true a bit..LOL. Besides that, I consider my fashion sense not so bad, I do give wise and good suggestions for my mum...sometimes.. xD 

I think my mum is those hard to serve She is very picky and hard to please, sometimes very hard to find the clothes she wants. Mostly people will get some clothes and try first, but my mum will go to fitting room only she really want to buy. In contrast, I like to take many pieces and try on myself, then only decide. =)

In the end, both of us didn't get anything, I try to save money to go shopping alone. =) Buy christmas gift and CNY clothes..hhehehe. Got an important event, need to suit up, but I have no idea where to get a nice slim fit blazer or coat =( I don't want those typical thick blazer......


  1. awww thats the sweetest thing! = ) having a random date wit hur mom is just the best, always have time for your loved ones!

    1. I have so many spare times but no bf to spend with =(