Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Firework firework!! No!!!!!

I'm rushing my assignment, and those people keep playing firework, which indirectly disturbing me. Why indirectly? My dog barking like crazy becasue of firework. I know it's an important day for them to enjoy and play, but can't they play for awhile is enough? 3 hours until now still playing firework. It really driven me nuts.

The most important thing is they are not playing for fun, they are competing!! See which one got better firework! Omg! I know not just today, Chinese New Year also the same. I hate that day very much too.  If you play until 11pm. I understand some may not sleep yet, but after 11pm it is not a good time for young kids especially. My neighbour's baby crying non-stop now too. Poor little baby. You already had fun on countdown night yesterday. I think should be okay to play until 11pm for today.

Maybe I just being too selfish..or if I didn't have my baby, the situation to hate this kind of day would be better, but I don't think I like it.

I'm now plugging earphone into my ear tightly to ignore my baby and the firework. Feel so sorry for my baby, but no choice I have to focus on my assignment. T.T

Is beautiful to look it, but painful for some people to hear that!!! T.T

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