Sunday, 18 November 2012

Forgive and Apologize

People always say forgive is the key to escape from the pain of revenge that will hurt others and yourself. Sometimes it's quite to forgive a person, when he caused a lot of pain to you and put a sin on you unjsutly. The pain and suffering that make you couldn't get rid of thought of make him live in hell.  The anger, the hatred, the revenge...overwhelmed you in mind because we are not human. God can love everyone regardless of anything, but we as human very hard to do that.

What makes you angrier was that person didn't even want to apologize and showed no remorse when everyone proved he is wrong and caused harm to others. You really wanted to do anything to get your revenge back...

 Everyone has forgiveness but how to do people really know how to forgive when the anger and revenge are so overwhelming and no one think you are wrong to get revenge??

Unfortunately, sometimes you knew it only you had gotten your revenge. That time you really glad he deserved what he should get, but you didn't feel really happy.  

Only when you facing with him with glass seperated both of you, the moment you said "I have forgiven you". The tear from him bursted out, his precious pride not so important anymore, you could see his eyes full of remorse and FINALLY said "I'm so sorry."

Then, you only realized the happiness you wish to get was not from revenge but forgiveness. What you actually wanted is just a word "Sorry" such a long journey to realize that.

I really love this quote:
"The deep injury does not recover until you forgive. Although forgiveness cannot change the past but it can enlarge future." From a little girl.

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