Saturday, 10 November 2012

Real crush but...seems like forbidden!!

Okay. It happened quite randomly..I also didn't expect it, but I got a crush on my friend's brother!! Omg! It may seem normal, but for my case I think it's weird..since I'm still the closet gay and none of my friend knows my true identity. Maybe I think too much, as don't even know he is gay or not, but I suspect though, too bad my gaydar is malfunction =.=

I know it's normal for peole to have feeling for friend's sibblings, but I don't know why I feel weird. Scare my friend will find out I am gay since actually we are NOT very CLOSE? Feel Too weird for her when someone she knows like her brother and is a GUY friend???

Although I mentioned I prefer Asian, but he is mixed with Caucasian blood and definitely look like White, hardly to see any Asian features, so does my friend. However, he just gives me the feelings I like even though he is quite skinny too =) His smile is like OH GOSH! I melt everytime see his photos. Been stalking him on FB quite  Well, I didn't expect it because he doesn't match my preferences, but like I said before I will never know what will happen and maybe I will end up with Caucasian. Now, I really fall under what I said =.=!! LIFE!? but not really true since it's just a crush. Sigh...

Too bad, not sure he is gay. but accroding to those stereotypes for gay..he really loves camwhore literally!! Surprisingly, he still doesn't have girlfriend with his gorgeous looking. Even he is gay, feel weird casue keep thinking he is my friend's brother and also my chance is 0.01%..of course he is very nice (good personality!!), but a almost perfect guy like him doesn't even bother think about me. I know where is my place should be.

So hard to find a hot guy picture like him so I just gave

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