Sunday, 11 November 2012

What an Unproductive Day....

Today supposed to watch Skyfall with family, but had to rush my assignment, so I gave up the chance T.T  Well, think positively gave my parents a chance to have movie date as my mom always complain dad no time to teman her go out. Lol

I almost spent whole day at home, yet still so unproductive for my assignments. Omg..the deadline is so really near!! I should slap myself or anyone can punch in my face to wake me up from dream and get rid of the procrastinate bacteria..

Why so unproductive? Been surfing the internet for hot guys, porn, non-sense stuff and videos from Youtube.  What happen to me? I used to be very hard working and good boy, don’t know since when became a procrastinator T.T

Found an interesting video, although it’s so mean to laugh at but it’s so hilarious!!!

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