Monday, 12 November 2012

True Love

Suddenly, have this discussion with friends about what is True Love. From the discussion, I could find that everyone has different definition and understanding about true love. I think how you looking at it also will change when time passes or after you have been into few relationships.

For me at least currently, i think true love is no matter what the person do, you will there for him and to an extreme..sacrifice yourself for him (haha..a bit extreme). At the same time, the person also willing to do the same. Hence, if the person not willing to do so, that means it's not true love?'s still true love when you still very love him and he is the be loved one, while he still love you just that not as much as you. When you start to weigh how much he loves you, then the meaning of true love starts to fall apart. Although you may not get what you expect from him based on your love, but I believe you will still feel the happiness of loving him. Seems like it's higher level, and not everyone can do that, but why don't give it a try????

If you always waiting a person to love you much than you do, it's just a luxury in life. Why not you be the one who love the person so much, if you think his is the right one? Do you really loss anything when you love him much more than he does? In the end, I don't think you will regret it.

Eveyone can has true love, include gay. I believe gays also can find their own true love, sometimes it just depends how much you believe in it =)

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