Saturday, 3 November 2012

Biologically Gay..Mentally Straight? Seriously?

*Warning* Please note that what I'm going to write is just from my personal experiences and opinion, cannot be generalized to all people. If I offended is a apology flower  <l-{} =)

Wandering around a fourm and found an interesting post asking about how to know you are gay. Surpisingly, many people claim that they are biologically gay but somewhat mentally or emotionally attach with female. Hmm..from my experience, I did go through this..phase before I truly accepted who I am. In my opinion, this kind of thought is non-sense or illusion because it's quite hard to be have sex urge for male, but..strong emotion attachment for female?? Some of them said maybe they are Bisexual.

However, from my understanding, Bisexual means you have sexual feeling for both male and female, just that the degree of which sex you prefer is different. I used to have the thought that I am biologically Gay and mentally Straight, but once I accepted who I am..the thought just diminished. The fantasy of having a pretty girl as girlfriend and happy life with her..replaced by a hot guy..LOL. I really used to think find a girl and get married to continue my life since I have strong emotional attachment for girls.

We often underestimate the power of our mind, when you keep thinking gay is not really acceptable in your surrounding, you tend to have this false illusion that you have feeling for girl. Nonetheless, your body tell you the different things. Huamn do have emotional feeling for both Male and Female, friendship is also kind of emotinal attachment. For guys, there is also something call Bromance, because you have the strong attachment for each other, but that is not Romantic LOVE as couple. Having just strong emotional attachment does not mean you love her as a soul mate or beloved. It's not fair for that girl.

Deep down you still want to have strong emotional attachment with guy, but your mind keep telling you it's wrong to like and love guy. You might think sexual feeling is not important anymore when you are being with that person for very long time. Hey! You never take away sexual feeling from romantic love, it is part of the relatioship. Who says when you are old, you cant have sex. It plays an important role in maintaning relationship. Some even said not felt happy and satisfied from the sex experience so don't think he is gay...HELLO..even 100% straight or gay guy also can't find that in every sex.

In the end, Researcher should find out is there really possible to be biologically gay and mentally straight........

Somehow quite curious about Bisexual


  1. agreed.... its totally not fair to the girl and that happens quite a lot.

    1. ya..imagine how painful for the girl if she find out the truth..

  2. I always like hanging out with girls. but I'm not sexually attached to them. Because I know that I'm only fond of guys sexually, physically, and emotionally. SOmetimes I've gotten confused by the thought as well.

    1. I also confused with my bestie, but now the feeling still the same just the thought different =)