Friday, 30 November 2012


I finally went to watch Breaking Dawn part 2!! Waited so long and able to get my cousin to watch with me =) Don't know why many people hate this movie and the book or just the movie? I have read all the books before the movie, so don't have any bias or influence by others how bad is the storyline.

can't say I really love it, but not as bad as people talk about, even though there are some parts I don't like. I not sure whether haters have read the books, becuase if they did, I don't think there are so many haters. I always prefer the book rather than movie version, even though movie put all the important parts together in few hours. I still think the small and detail parts make the story make sense and attractive.

I like how Meyer used Jacod's side of view to tell the part of story instead of all just Bella. There are alos many details caught my attention. When I was finished reading the last sentence of Breaking Dawn, felt complicated feelings..sad and happy. Sad for so fast finished the book and happy for the ending.

Therefore, when I watched the last part of the scene in the movie, all the feelings came back and I almost cried, the background music seriously had big influence!! Really love the second version of A Thousand Years

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