Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wonderful Article or Thoughts about Homosexual

Found an interesting article written by a Hong Kong popular artist and DJ- Vincci Cheuk. I didn’t know her at all but I quite like what she had written about homosexual. She is straight but used rational and logical thinking to write this.

First she criticized about people who always equal homosexual with anal sex. Why always think about anal sex when talk about homosexual? When we talking about heterosexual, do they just think about vagina and people having sex? Homosexual is a relationship, not just intercourse, sex is just part of homosexual relationship. Homosexual still include a lot social activities…get to know potential date, confess the love, quarrel for little thing, have dinner at restaurent…not just sex. If those people against is anal sex, should straight away against anal sex including anal sex in Heterosexual. Yes..some of they have anal sex too.

Against Natural Laws

1. Gay couple cannot give birth for next generation. Since when reproduction became an absolute law to judge whether a couple is normal or not? Those heterosexual couple choose to not have children, so they against the natural laws too?  Some may say, if all are homosexual then there is no society anymore (no more next generation) Got one philosopher John Corvino said “If all people are Priest, than it also don’t have society too!”

2. No homosexual act in animal world. Please, many studies found that homosexual act also happen in animal world. However, the most important thing is: Why animal behaviours became our ethics’ standard? Some animal won’t raise their children, some will eat their partner when mating, so if human also do that we can use these animal “natural behaviours” to justify??  What really the right natural laws? No one can really define it.

3. The structure of genitals we born of are originally not suit for homosexual sex.  She said got one gay friend laughed and said: “If you think that way, it’s because you don’t how to use it” Using originality to distinguish what is natural or not, is not really appropriate. What actually is originality for human? Human originally were herbivorous animal, because of the structure of our teeth.  Just that our digestive system slowly evolved to make us omnivorous animals. In very old age time, there were areas against homosexual, but some were support, so what is originality for it? In Ancient Greek , they viewed sexual identity as human can confess and show their love to what they think is BEAUTY, regardless of sex or gender. What they had seen was Beauty, not sex or penis.

Only born this way?

The best support for homosexual is we are born this way, but she thinks that if some people are not born but chose to, they cannot be accepted?? No matter what is your sexual identity, born or nurture, there is no reason to against it. Sexual identity is not directly link to ethics, IQ, judgment, cleanliness, disease, it don’t cause any harm to society if we see it purely.

If people think homosexual is so weird and disgusting, well this kind of thinking is subjective feelings. Discussing about humanity and human rights, it’s not fair to put so much subjective thinking and feelings. We need rationally analyse the arguments, if not you just being discriminate.

What we all need is good communication for all parties. Homosexual also have to put themselves into other shoes, and vice versa.

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