Friday, 9 November 2012

Guys with Dog

As usual, staying at home during Friday night, really have to get a nice night life once in a while. Too bad, don't know how to start =(  Almost blogging everyday cause nothing to do except study and do assignments x.x

Went to a Park to jogging, and I saw a hot guy walking his dog. I always find a guy having a dog is attractive . I don't know why..just is a kind of charisma attracted me to those hot guys with dog, but the dog must small I feel so weird for myself. When I see a hot guy and he is holding his little baby, really find him extra hot and attractive....hahaha.

Maybe like how women find a guy with children and taking care of them seems very attractive to women? I also find those young daddies quite attractive

The smile!!! Melt~

How I wish my dog can be like this..he is so fierce =.=


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