Friday, 23 November 2012

That hole

The awesome moment when I put that one thing inside the hole!! At that moment, I felt pleasure, freedom and relief. The moment that I had anticapted for many times and finally I did it!! Maybe the feelings that mentioned can't describe enough how I felt, but I know it's a really happy moment. I really proud of myself to have achieve that although I may not get what I expect, but at least I have done my best!! Goodbye my Thesis!! The moment I submitted inside the hole of box, I really felt a bit sad, becasue it had been with for me one year. I'm like conceived it with all my energy and blood, consider my

Freedom!!! Unfortunately, a day to celebrate and party hard, and I'm writing this post!!!! I really need get a life!! Anyone, can bring a super virgin boy out? As for everything!!! Okay, I should start plan my shopping trip and my new transformation to what I want to be.

Sometimes, need to take off the nerdy me and be wild!!! =D At least to know how I really look like, TRUST ME I have NO IDEA how I look without glasses since 9 years (NOT dare to wear contact lens) my power both eyes over 600++ so have to almost stick on the mirror only can see clear image. Hmm...sounds like I'm going to live in double identities...LOL


  1. Sakai. lol, i thought it was a job resignation... Haha, congratulations!

    1. Hahaha!!! Still a student =p I hope I get good grade =(