Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Peace speech from Gay

Quite excited when I heard Obama won the election, even though not really my business, but maybe he supports gay rights so I like (so realistic). Does it mean a big change in US in term of diversity? Does it also how the world view gay rights? Well, we will know it when time passes.

As a Pro daydreamer, I always imagine someday one person represent LGBT going on stage in a stadium giving a remarkable speech ( like Martin Luther & Aung San Suu Kyi) about the rights for LGBT. Talking about all the stereotype, discrimination, hatred, despicable..etc that we face and have to deal. The struggle and pain that no one can imagine especially raising in a conservative and strong religous family. There is more painful when your family unwilling to accept and discard you.

Telling that maybe we can live what we want, but to be honest we are human too, in nature we need to be around with people and have good relationships with everyone. No gay couple can live happily when no one glad and bless what they are doing. We always being taught love everyone regardless of sex, status, religion and etc. so when two same sex individuals loving each other without causing any harm to self and others, why they cannot be blessed and accepted?

It is not follow the nature laws? Who can really tell what is the correct nature laws? It's written in book? You set it? We only can say we born like this, even though there are many researches found there is no 100% born to be gay, but they also couldn't prove it's 100% nurture.

What we want just a normal and peaceful life. Are we affecting the next generation? Well, Heterosexual people always the highest population, even children raised by gay couple also not going to be homosexual.

What will happen when LGBT is accepted? I also don't know the pros and cons. However, one thing I really sure is that LOVE, RESPECT, & TOLERANCE will be enter into a better realm of humanity.

Then, everyone stand up and applauses with tear in their eyes....

Hahahaha..I really like daydreaming...provide me a space to escape from the reality for awhile.

Let's hold hand and make the world be peace =)

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