Thursday, 8 November 2012

Broad Preferences Gay..Bad?

I went to Green Mermaid coffee shop to do my assignment, don't know why I really like the environment of it, and it makes me focus my assignment without any distraction this is the reason Although their drinks is quite pricey, but food is quite reasonable and well I normally stay there for many hours and using Wi-Fi.

Opps..out of topic again. Okay, went to counter to order my drinks, the barista caught my attention, he got the cute looking and buff body..hmm..don't know consider..hottie or cuttie? He is very friendly..well he should be..then suddenly he said I got free drink from my Mermaid Card because purchased more than 10 drinks.

My Mermaid card =D Should got the mini version one..
Hot Drink always my Favourite =)

 fast..I really go there quite often. However I need to fill up an online survey first =.= He sat beside me and guide me to the website. Oh! Felt so shy got a hot guy sitting so close to me...LOL think too much..but his English a bit minus a bit mark..hahaha

However, this makes me wonder my preference for guy is too like almost every guy I think he is quite hot as long as he got a d* Sometimes, I think a guy is good looking and attractive, my girl friend just disagree and think just average looking. that a good thing? To be not so Maybe because I'm not so confidence about my looking so I think I have no right to be picky? Well, my friends keep assuring me my look still can get a cute and pretty girlfriend, but I want cute and hot BOYFRIEND =p. Then, I sincerely think those guys are quite hot..not only the looking but also the feelings or aura they give me.

He roughly like this (of course this one cutter)..people might find he is not cute


  1. I do want a cute and hot boyfriend as well. Too bad too bad all the guys I like are straight. ARGHHHH .

    1. Same!! or maybe they are Bi that's why we attracted to them..who knows ; )

    2. lol. sigh. they are unlikely to be Bi. VERY UNLIKELY. T.T