Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Am I that straight?

I always wonder whether I really look like straight or doesn't look gay at all? Why I so curious because went to a awkward conversation.

(Hanging out and chilling with friends)


X: Hey! Why don't you faster get a girlfriend? You sure are a very nice boyfriend..or you actually like guys?

Me: ..........

Y: Hahaha..don't be silly! Is it quite hard Shin Yong is gay.

X: I just kidding only! I know he is not =p

Me: .......... Focus on study first.

I really didn't know what to say at first, in my mind I really want to scream out "Yes! I'm GAY." Well, not sure how's their reaction when I coming out to them since they quite sure I'm not gay. This makes me wonder do I really look that straight or actually what's the criterion to being gay? I guess they normally think all gays are sissy kind of people. Stereotype!! However, I also not that manly too...well..I think look weak (too thin) instead that's why I bulking up now!!

Sigh..stereotype stereotype everywhere...but I do agree most gays have more feminine sides than straight men..

Zachary Quinto!! =D
I was quite shocked when he annouced he is gay..lol

Ricky Martin. Well, he is more macho than many guys ; )


  1. They say only but in their mind, who knows?? They may be just testing you. Haha... I am aware of gays who are more feminie but are there any masculine gays out there?? I hv not come across lo. Quite disappointed!

    1. Hmm..didn't think about that, maybe they really trying to test me. Erm..Zachary considered masculine gay to me..lol In my real life, no chance to meet both feminine and masculine gays.. =(

  2. Lol, gay is just a description on what you like to suck la.. =P Being gay doesn't define your personality. Planning to out to them?

    1. That's my point!! =D

      Hahaha..planning to out to one person, who 100% sure she is okay with it, but can't find the right timing..hmm..

  3. good on you..I mean, if it happened to me...oh well, it does...actually...you know what I mean?! My point is...when you are ready and that's that time for you to move into a new chapter of your life. Cheer!

    1. Hahaha..I'm so curious what is my new chapter going to be..lol