Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fair + Hairy = Big NO??

Okay I have to say my body hair become harier and hairier (not leg hair..that one is already super hairy).  Do I like it? Erm..I also not sure, but if some hotties with hairy body, I don't mind. Well, I have to admit skinny body like mine, cant suit with hairy body. My body is considered fair so not sure how people think about it. Sometimes in gym, some people give the surprise look when they see my body and leg hair. In my mind..."Any Problem??" I guess my hormone is too high..no wonder I feel horny all the time...LOL

I asked both male and female friends (Fair + Hairy)..male friends' responses was a bit not okay about it, while female think it's fine as long as not that super hairy body. Well, some may say look at those Arabic, that only consider hairy okay!! However, with their mostly tough bodies and manly look, they look fine with it.

For me, erm...just overall I don't fit into hairy group, not that I really got manly look nor hot body. Fair skin makes me look so hairy...I guess. Sometimes, lazy to shave (or trim) and just let it be =.=.....Some suggested me don't shave cause the hair will become thicker and haririer. ....-.-...oh dear...Then, if I do something for my leg hair..my brother sure talk about me trying to be pussy =,=
I guess I should get tanned and continue bulk up more ......

My chest also start growing  and my hair below belly button is hairier than his (= O =)

I think he shaved and my skin tone roughly like him...hmm..


Overall, this one definitely okay with hairy body!
This one..not sure he proposely shaved like that or grow like that..lol


  1. Being hairy is kinda sexy. But it does have a limit . Still, its another form of attraction. p.s - don't shave but wax instead.

    1. Wax..hmm..thought about that before. I think I should research about it '.'

  2. been shaving "clean" since creation... fair and hairy, esp the chest part... and if your nipples are pink (fair people's gift =P )

    better shave/wax/burn/slash/eliminate!!!


    1. I guess i'm not as fair as you T.T

      Hahaha..I will