Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hot guy with long hair

I always think a guy with long hair will normally give the impression that he is either look like those metal music guy or feminine guy, which do not much feeling about it. However, I met a hot guy with long hair..erm well the length is until shoulder and a bit wavy, to me is considered long. Didn't know that a guy can look really hot with long hair. By looking his features, I think he is mixed blood and look like latino..the only flaw is he is not that tall, maybe he still young still have the potential to grow tall.  Anyways, he really changed my perspective about long hair guy..hahahaa
Too bad I couldn't snap a photo of him, but now I know he looks like who. Enrique Iglesias!!! Just imagine with long hair and thinner body. If you do not who is he, here is the photo of this singer..=)

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