Sunday, 22 July 2012

New Trend and Female Friends

Recently I found something interesting about mixed gender group of friends. I have seen a lot of groups are with one female and other are like literally a lot. I'm not saying this is wrong or unappropriate, I just curious what kind of relationships are this..all are best friends or she is one of the gang girlfriend? but most I have observed the female usually is like leader or alpha in the group., so the guys are her admirers? Quite curious about this trend, I can find it at every shopping mall and think it's quite interesting.

Well, I guess I can ask myself back cause my female friends totally more than male friends. Sometimes hang out with whole bunch of girls and I'm the only guy in the group. Even my dad asked me why most of my friends are female, I also didn't know how to answer. Maybe is normal for a gay? I always don't know why end up attach to a group which female is majority. I got 2 close male friends and other close or good friends are female. Maybe communicate well with girls and they found me more approachable compare to other guys? They normally automatic see me as friend not man..hahaha Don't know is good thing or not, but I don't think they suspect my sexual orientation. They just think I'm a little nerdy good boy...or maybe they got doubt inside their mind..not sure.

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  1. true, i got more female friends than male. maybe its because we are more feminine. :(