Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hate at first sight?

If love at first sight does exist, does hate at first sight also exist? Well, I experienced it plenty of times, and ya..too bad not love at first sight. One of the cases was I met a girl and didn't know why I had the unpleasant feelings when I saw her. She was friend of my friend and I dislike her at the first time met her. I felt bad about it, but when she started talking with me, then I knew my sensor was right. She was a kind of ...hmmm fake andd bitchy person? Using her American accent where she only lived at US for less than two years, and think she was very pretty.
One day, when my friend and I bumped into her, she used her high pitch voice to shout to my friend "Oh my god!! you look so pretty today!!" I was like..do you really need to act like that? Really wanted to give her this face (=.=). According to my friends, she also really like to flirt around with guys, she is really happy when guys are surrounding her. Maybe I not that good looking, so she didn't really flirt and talk too much with me or I should think I was very lucky.

That just one of the cases, of course there are some cases my sensor was wrong when I got to know that person better. Anyways, my sensor normally works quite well, I really hope my gaydar also can function well like that T.T (sigh)

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