Saturday, 7 July 2012

Grindr & Jack'd

First time to know this kind of apps exist from those blogs I following, quite surprised that Malaysia's gay circle is so big and wild...hahaha.  Until now, I still haven't had these apps even thoguh I got iphone nor any gay social websites. I think I still not ready yet, but looking from what I saw and learnt, the apps are more like hook up for sex? Well, I have seen some cases still able to find the right person you wanted without having sex straight away through Gindr.

I also quite shocked that many gays at my country are out from closet and open, especially in one night stand. Been totally hide myself inside the closet very well, I only discovered many things about gays at my country one year back in my early twenty. Sometimes, I have the urge to download the app and try, but I think I have too many things to worry...again I'm paranoid about this get caught by people I'm using it etc. For sex? some say keep it for your love one and focus on finding the right person not sex. Well, I think it depends how you like and think about gay relationship. I'm not against hook up for sex or finding the right person, just do what you like and bear the risk in mind.

I using 'find' rather than 'wait' because waiting the right person is not happen to everyone, you need to take one step out to explore or find. Not every relatiohsip like happen in drama bump into a person and following with few times as your fate..then blah blah. Is very romantic you meet your soulmate(well I think gay also has his soulmate not just for straight people) like that but it's not always happen to everyone. You have to be initiative and willing to look around, although I know sometimes is quite hard for gay people.

Hence, some may think Grindr and Jack'd are one of the ways to explore and find the person. Some may also choose those gay social websites to meet new friend and find the right person. To me, I think I will use the apps first since I don't think I ready for commitment yet, because it will hurt others and myself when you just want to fulfill your loneliness and emptiness. Maybe some wild experiences will make me know what I really want or the things I don't realize..=p.

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