Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Forbidden Love and Gay Love?

I found that people (include myself) really like and tempted to stories and drama with forbidden love theme or idea. What is considerred forbidden love may different from culture or people. Chinese folk stories, myth and legends have many forbidden love elements in them and some are sad ending or happy ending. Nonetheless. many people still love them and feel so touch and admire about the forbidden love stories. Many moving folklore are about forbidden love and orally handed down from generation to generation. For example,  legend of the white snake is one of the most popular folk tales talk about the love between a young scholar and a thousand-year-old white snake that has taken on human form. Many people really love this romantic and touching story, but well it is technically the love between animal and human.
What I am trying to say is why many people can accept those kind of forbidden love but not gay love? Just because even that forbidden love is about animal and human, but it's still a heterosexual love? Okay, maybe just because it is a tale so people don't really think about about love between a couple with 20 years age gap...fall in love with your best friend's ex or current? People normally feel shock and gossip about it, but they are not really against it. When you tell about love between same sex, they not just shock and gossip, while feel disgust and contempt about it. However, all of them are still normal relationships which do not cause harm to others or any social problem. Well, I bet many people think it is a social problem.
 Nevertheless, I found an interesting point about forbidden love. Love is refer to longer partnerships while forbidden love considered limerence which consumes a great deal of passion and involves a lot of fantasy and involving a state of intensive longing for the person. According to the psychologists, the person has to be unreachable in some way, for it to fall under the limerence category of love. The fact that limerence is perpetuated as long as the couple are prevented from being together, explains why the opposition to the love affair often ignites the emotions.

It may true for gay love as commitment and long partnership of gay relationship often seems quite hard to maintain and achieve, but I believe longer partnerships definitely happen in gay love, and it will happen in many gay relationships if society are really open and accept this kind of love. Of course ourselves also need to stay strong no matter what and fight for our own rights.

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