Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Gay Men and Aging Part 1

Recently, read about an article from Michael C. LaSala ( and it made me be silent for awhile to think about it. The article mainly talking about how most gay men culture too focus on physical attractiveness and beauty of their sexual partners, but those things will be taken away little by little over time. Hence, when gay men start growing older and older, they need to face this challenge by either keep maintianing your physical attractiveness or adjusting their value and purpose in life. I think both options are tough journey to go and some might go extreme like suicide which there are some real cases for this issue.

Therefore, we are quite vulnerable to some of wild sides of gay male life, which is overemphsis on looks, youth, and sexual attractiveness while having the risk of losing healthier life and values for sustaining and helping you in aging. The author didn't mean looking for beauty is wrong as I like what he said "Nothing is wrong with lusting after a handsome man—(we are gay men after all), nor doing what you can to be one yourself" Just that we also have to think and value more other things rather than surface. We gay men also have feelings and own bad or good history of life, these can make us to get intangible assest beyond outside of a person. By the time, you already old only to start finding those things, it may be too late for you. I think you can have few years of wild life but you have to know when to stop or slow it down and start to about the purpose in life for long term.

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