Friday, 13 July 2012

Straight and gay couples

Holidays coming very soon but I don't have any excitement about it. Maybe I still need to work my part time job, which make me become so busy even my friends ask me to hang out also lazy case mostly rest and sleep during free time. As a spoiled brat or good boy protected well in a greenhouse, first time to know how precious is the money you earn from your hardwork. However, need to find another part time job for long term even I start my class in University. This current job work too many days, impossible to work long term. I have the plan to not spend extra money from my dad as much as possible, even thoguh he still insists to continue give my allowance every month.

Talking about my part time job, I'm working at retail shop and mostly is one to one service cause how to communicate with customers and know what they want. I have met many kind of customers and of course many hot guys as well ; ) Some are super hot as in good lookings and hot bods O.O  I also found many gay couple came to shop, but some still not sure whether they are or not since my gaydar is kind of useless (x.x). Some of them quite open and easy to identify by looking their interaction, got one couple even when into fitting room together, which I think hardly to find between two straight male friends. Some couples looked so sweet and made me jealous, and I can see some straight couples, you think the guy is gay (like a bit sissy and soft voice) as individual but he is not and look damn sweet and happy together with his girlfriend.

I have served a customer who was very hot with nice face features and well built body even wearing a formal shirt also can know. He looks like mix because got both Malay and Caucasian features speaking in good English and mature guy with formal shirt (fetish) which totally made me melt and increased heatbeat (O 0 O) Too bad cant scan whether he is gay or not, but even he is I don't think he wouldn't look this young skinny boy for long. Well, keep it for my fantasy and dream.

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