Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hunk with Glasses..No??

Again from my broad preferences, not sure it's considered fetish or not. I always find hot hunks with glasses extremely attractive and turn me on. Some of my friends said it looks weird if a good and gentle look specs guy with buff body. However, when I see a hot hunk with specs, I can't resist to glance him for several times.

Of course, he is a bit good looking first then only find him hot even wearing glasses. I can't really get away from superficial but sometimes when I meet a guy I'm not just see how hot is he, I also identify his potentials to become hot, like "Hmm..if his hair style change a bit, Hmmm...if his chest bulk up a bit....hmm... if etc." all in my mind.

Maybe I like the contrast feelings it shows, when a gentle look glasses guy with hot body. I also not sure why, but I really sure not because of I'm wearing glasses too. Recently, many hotties with spec keep appearing in my gmy, I feel so happy about it. They all have really nice bodies and like to wear tight clothes or because body a bit too big  xp



Felt hesitate to upload this becasue he really look like my cousin LOL


  1. damn. can i keep him ?

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha...and take a pciture send to me??? ; )

  3. Get hot bod, even mata rabun look sexy meh.