Friday, 14 December 2012

I Love My Mum..and My Face..LOL

Funny convo with Shadow Wind because at first I thought he was a random dude want to get my other social network connection. Maybe since I got the evil apps so kind of sensitive to people approach After kindly rejected him, then I only realized who he is..hahaha. In the end, he added me and Damn..he is good looking than me! LOL He said I'm cute but one said it before so I run down to my mum.

Me: Mommy! Does my face or look in presentable?

Mum: Ermm..when you were small, I was worry becasue you were quite ugly...

Me: =.=......

Mum: ...but luckily when you have grown older, you look better now 

Me: From ugly duck to swan??

Mum: Not really but can get chicks la!!

Me: Okay..(but I want dude not chick..LOL) How about this (Took off my specs)

Mum: Hmm...look like don't know how to speak Chinese.

Me: Huh???

Mum: ABC la (Means typical America-Born Chinese with small eyes) What happened? Someone said you are ugly??

Me: No. Someone said I'm cute.

Mum: Oh!! Erm...then it's good thing..what else you want? Don't worry too much you sure can get a girlfriend. Okay don't kacau me I'm watching drama (of course Korean drama)

In a way, my mum is quite honest and it's good to be honest to children. Too many lies to children are not going make them become better but fragile or egocentric. Anyways, I really love my mum. Hahaha


  1. You dare reject that uber cute Shadow wind?


    Don play play ah~

    your mum really... =.=
    "Ermm..when you were small, I was worry becasue you were quite ugly..."
    like wth???!!! lol~

    1. Hahaha..I swear to God she really said that and this is no the first time =.=

    2. LOL what la Joker u you haaaaaa

    3. @shin - your mum really... err... dono what to say =.=

      @shadow - whats with me? if its nice I say it is, if its not then I say its not or I say nothing... lol~

  2. OMG i actually laughed reading this post LOL! ur mom damn cool! I like her reply like nothng is happening and then keep on korean drama LOL and no la mom's don't think their kids look good la, nor do siblings. for example i never thought my brother would look good, then people keep telling me he looks good, annoys me LAH LOL be confident with your looks la u look cute = ) i'm not lying haha of course we're not comparing with the model pics you post on your blog YOU KNOW LA hahaha and aww thanks for saying im good looking HAH

    1. @shadow - You are very good looking, since you balik the land of coffee shop, my gawd...
      *slurp slurp*
      really? my parents never say I ugly pun... neither do I think that my siblings are ugly... lol~

      @shin - you got his facebook? Go stalk him, I mean go see his other picture... if not for the height *ouch*, he would had been a model for all I know =P

    2. LOL awww thanks joker u're always so sweet la. OIIIIIII but pls la no i cant be a model for anyone's sake LOL coz i just dont have the body n the face la hahha sometimes i wish i was thinner, taller and hahh SEXIER. btw Joker u very bad i call u everytime never hear also

      yala my parents nvr say i ugly also la, LOL thats why Shin's mom so cool!!!!!

    3. @shadow Thank you!!! one is got the look and I got the height?? XD LOL

      @joker Clicked in his porfile multiple times and slowly enjoy ; ).....HAHAHAHAHA

  3. wah your mum really straight to the point:D