Sunday, 2 December 2012

Good Manny??

Reading the blog post from Leo Nut , it made me think back all the experiences of babysitting and interacting with young kids from high school to Uni life. Overall, I think I can handle young kids well, but not for young baby. I think good with age 4 and above. The best thing to get close is play game with them. Any game will just lead you all become close. One more thing is PATIENCE!! It's very important, especially for those kids who close their heart tightly and not willing to talk with you. Hmm..I think I can become a good Manny...hahahaha

The most unforgivable experience is the time babysitting at UK. I went for vacation at UK and stayed at my cousin place. My cousin working (Work & Travel) with a nice young British couple with two adorable children and we living in the small hosue beside the couple's house (actually part of it).

*Names used are not real name*

I helped my cousin to take care the two kids, when I first time met Shirley (3 years old), she was crawling down from staircase. When she saw me, she faster screaming my cousin's name and crawling up back. I didn't know I should laugh or feel sad. LOL On the other hand, Ben (5 years old) staring at me carefully like I was a dangerous figure -.-

After few hours of playing with Ben, we were already like buddies (felt so proud for myself xD), but Shirley still a bit afraid of me -.- Okay go to the reason made this experience so unforgivable was that I was playing with Ben inside an over-ground train. Then, an old British man using his strong British accent asked me.. "Is he your son?" (Ben's mother has Asian bloodline so he also got a bit Asian looks)

I was I look so that old?? I was just 19!!!! Isn't that Asian always look so young for Caucasian?? Yet I politely replied him I'm not his FATHER!! My cousin couldn't stop laughing =.=

After many days, both of them quite close with me. I almost wanted to cry when I was leaving the house, I guess they did too cause they didn't know not going to see me anymore at that time
=( Miss them so much now, I think they have grown up until I can't recognize them..became pretty girl and handsome boy =)

How I wish I can have chidlren like them =D

This kid resemble Ben but Ben is more handsome ; p